Welcome to verit Informationssysteme GmbH Customer Support.

Our goal is not only to produce high quality software, but also to have satisfied users who recommend us. Therefore, we always answer all queries as promptly as possible.

In order to have a question answered, there are several options:


Here you will find questions on various topics, mainly on the purchase of our products. Prices, conditions, delivery and a lot more are covered here.

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Klaros-Testmanagement - Community Forum

The forum is intensively supervised by our support team. You will find subforums on the following subjects:

New versions, release notes, news from the team
This is the place for technical problems and user questions.
Feature Requests
This is the place for requesting new features and enhancements.
Questions and Answers
This section is for questions about the integration and expansion of the application as well as plugins.

We look forward to an intensive use of our forums. We usually post answers to questions the same day. Remember, your post may also be of interest to other users.

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Klaros-Testmanagement - Support Wiki

Here you will find questions and answers from the areas of installation, configuration, reporting and general use. In addition you will find a tutorial on creating your own individual reports. Registered users are invited to add content here.

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Professional Services - Software Development and Quality Assurance

Looking for a team of experienced software developers in the Java/Eclipse environment? Would you like consulting on software quality assurance? Please contact us at


Do you have other Questions?

Then write us and tell us your request at support@verit.de.

For all technical questions: Give  us as much information as possible, e.g. software version, operating system, database, and if at all possible possible the corresponding log file. This will help us to pinpoint the problem more quickly.


You may reach our support team through the following channels:

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E-Mail: support@verit.de

Phone: +49 631 520 840 - 00
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