Chapter 8. Execute

Table of Contents

8.1. My Jobs
8.1.1. Action
8.1.2. Table Operations
8.1.3. Executing a Job
8.2. Run Test Case
8.2.1. Action
8.2.2. Table Operations
8.2.3. Executing a Test Case
8.3. Run Test Suite
8.3.1. Action
8.3.2. Table Operations
8.3.3. Executing a Test Suite
8.4. Continue Test Run
8.4.1. Action
8.4.2. Bulk Actions
8.4.3. Table Operations
8.4.4. Continue test run
8.5. Import Test Results
8.5.1. Supported Frameworks

This chapter describes the processes of executing test cases and test suites and jobs, continuing interrupted test executions and creating issues for failed tests.

8.1. My Jobs

On the My Jobs page, the jobs of the active user as well as all unassigned jobs can be executed. ( Figure 8.1).

The “My Jobs” Page

Figure 8.1. The My Jobs Page

The My Jobs and Jobs without Assignee tables show the following values:


The project to which the job belongs to.


The automatically assigned ID.


A summary of the job.

System under Test

The system under test assigned to this job.


The priority of the job. Possible values are Trivial, Low, HighCritical und Blocker.


The state of the job. Possible values are New, Reopened, In Progress, Resolved, Closed and Rejected.


The percentage of executed test cases of this job and its subjobs.


The success rate of this job.

Due Date

The date on which this job is due to be finished.


The actions that can be performed.

8.1.1. Action

The following actions can be performed in the action column:

  •   Edit
  •   Execute
  •   Manually execute
  •   Reopen or update
  •   Execute review
  •   Import results

8.1.2. Table Operations

The following operations can be performed in the line above the tables on the right:

  •   Filter / Sort
  • All Projects / Current Project Only
  •   Search
  •   Export
  •   Column selection

All operations are described in detail in Section, “Overview Page”.

8.1.3. Executing a Job

The available action for each job in the tables depends on the job type, whether it contains manual or automated test cases and whether it has dependencies on other jobs.

[Note] Non-executable Jobs

If a job cannot be executed, the corresponding icon in the action column is grayed out. Hovering over this icon will display the reason in a tooltip.


The job is a task and it contains no test case and no test suite.

  Manually execute

The job contains at least one manually executable test case.

  Reopen or update

The job has already been completed.

  Execute review

The job is a review job.

  Import results

The job only contains automated executable test cases. Executing a Review

Review jobs are used to Review test cases or test suites. Clicking the Finish Review button opens a dialog in which the test case or test suite can be approved or rejected.