8.4. Continue Test Run

8.4.1. Action
8.4.2. Bulk Actions
8.4.3. Table Operations
8.4.4. Continue test run

If a test run is not completed and must be suspended, execution can be continued later. Execution continues with the first test step that does not yet have a result.

The Continue Test Run page displays all unfinished test runs of the selected project in a table.

[Note] Note

The Testers may only resume their own test runs setting controls whether users with the Tester role can see and resume suspended test runs from other users ( Section 10.4.1, “Miscellaneous”).

The “Continue Test Run” Page

Figure 8.16. The Continue Test Run Page

The table shows the following values:


The automatically assigned ID.


The start time of the test run.


The name of the user who last executed the test run.


The iteration in which the test run is being executed.

Test Case/Suite

The ID of the test case or test suite of the test run.

Test Environment

The test environment in which the test is being executed.

System Under Test

The system under test being tested.


The number of finished test cases.


The executable actions.

8.4.1. Action

The following actions can be performed in the action column:

  •   Display the test case results captured so far of this test run.
  •   Display the test case results captured so far of this test run. Continue the execution of the test run
  •   Open print view.
  •   Delete this test run.

If a test run has been deleted, it is initially marked with a deletion marker and is only visible to administrators. For deleted test runs, the following actions are available instead of Delete:

  •   Restore this test run.
  •   Irrecoverably remove the test run from the database (only Administrator).
[Note] Deleting a Test Run

When a test run is deleted, the associated test case results and test suite results are also deleted

Once all test runs for a specific system under test or test environment have been deleted, the respective system under test or test environment may also be deleted. Otherwise, they remain locked for deletion.

8.4.2. Bulk Actions

Certain actions can also be applied to several test runs at once. To do this, select the test runs to which the action is to be applied in the leftmost column.

The following bulk actions are supported for test runs:

  •   Edit the attributes of this test run.
  •   Open print view.
  •   Delete
  •   Restore (only Administrator)
  •   Irrecoverably remove the selected test runs from the database (only Administrator).

For additional information, see Section, “Bulk Actions”.

8.4.3. Table Operations

The following operations can be performed in the line above the table on the right:

  •   Filter / Sort
  • Show all / Only active (only Administrator)
  •   Search
  •   Export
  •   Column selection

All operations are described in detail in Section, “Overview Page”.

8.4.4. Continue test run

By clicking on the in the action column, you get to an overview page to continue the test run. All test case results and, if available, the test suite result of the test run are displayed in tables here.

The “Continue Test Run” Page

Figure 8.17. The Continue Test Run Page

Clicking the Continue button resumes execution of the test run at the last saved test step.

Clicking the Back button navigates back to the Continue Test Run page ( Figure 8.16).