7.4. Jobs by User

7.4.1. Jobs by User - Details

This section is used to track the workload and progress of individual users in the selected project.

On the Jobs by User page the workload, work duration and progress of every user for the current active project is shown. Clicking the icon displays the details page ( Figure 7.16) for the selected user.

The “Jobs by User”Page

Figure 7.15. The Jobs by UserPage

7.4.1. Jobs by User - Details

This page displays the workload, work duration and progress for a user in the currently selected project. The user's jobs can either be displayed listed in a table or visualized in a calendar view. Clicking the icon opens the detail page for the corresponding job. For more information, see Section 7.1.2, “Job - Details”.

The “Jobs by User” Page

Figure 7.16. The Jobs by User Page