10.6. Backup

10.6.1. Export
10.6.2. Import

On the Backup page, complete projects can be backed up and restored in XML format. Only administrators and managers are authorized to import or export projects.

10.6.1. Export

In this tab one or more projects can be selected and exported by clicking the Export button ( Figure 10.32).

The “Export” Tab

Figure 10.32. The Export Tab

Clicking the Export button exports the selected projects to an XML formatted output file.

[Note] Note

The backup files are marked with the respective database version that was exported. Backup files may only be imported if the database version of the Klaros installation matches the version of the backup file.

10.6.2. Import

In this tab, projects from backup files can be imported. By clicking the Upload Backup File button, a backup file can be uploaded. After uploading, the projects that are contained in the file are displayed. One or more of these projects can be selected ( Figure 10.33).

The “Import” Tab

Figure 10.33. The Import Tab

Clicking the Import button imports the selected projects and clicking the Discard button cancels the restore.

[Note] Note

An import will never overwrite existing projects or other data therein.

[Important] Important

When trying to import a backup file from a previous Klaros database version, the import is rejected with a corresponding error message. You must first import this backup file with a version of Klaros-Test­management that matches the backup file, and then update the installation to your current version.

An export from that version is now compatible with your current release.