10.5.6. CAS Settings

Klaros-Test­management supports Single sign-on Authentication (SSO) using a Central Authentication Service (CAS).

The “CAS” Tab

Figure 10.29. The CAS Tab

Parameters needed to contact the CAS server:

CAS Server URL Prefix

The URL under which the CAS server resides (e.g. cas.acme.com).

CAS Server Login URL

The URL of the CAS server for single sign-on logins. A user that has yet not been authenticated by CAS will be redirected to this URL.

CAS Server Logout URL

The URL of the CAS server for single sign-on logout. When a user logs out from Klaros-Test­management he is redirected to this URL.

Disable automatic user registration

When activated, a successful CAS authentication does not automatically create a guest user account in the system.

Enable CAS authentication

When activated, all authentication is delegated to the CAS Server and the default login window is no longer reachable. To complete the activation, a reboot of the application server is required.
[Warning] CAS Single Sign-on Disables Local Authentication

Once CAS support is activated and Klaros-Test­management has been rebooted it is no longer possible to authenticate locally using the Klaros-Test­management login screen.

Please double-check that the account verification works before activating. In case of a broken setup please set the property cas.enabled in the configuration file %KLAROS_HOME%/.klaros/klaros.properties to false and reboot the application server. This restores the default behavior.