Klaros Test Management Tool Integration


Docker Logo In addition to the native installation on Windows and Linux systems, Klaros can also be operated as a container within a docker-based environment. The application can be installed and managed in isolation, making updates easier to perform.

The Docker integration is available as an open source project on GitHub and can be downloaded from there free of charge.

Supported databases are:

The detailed step-by-step guide is provided with the package on GitHub.

 Integration with Docker

  Integration of Defect Management and Test Management

Klaros Test Management offers comprehensive, bidirectional data exchange for the most important issue trackers.

If a defect is detected, it can be created directly from Klaros Test Management using an identical input mask and is transferred directly to the bug tracker. There is no need to leave the application.

Changes in the issue tracker are automatically transferred to the test management tool in the background.

An automatically generated back-link in the Issue Management System allows you to return to the test case in the Test Management System with a single click.

  Uniting Manual Testing and Test Automation

A common challenge in test projects is merging test results from different sources and test levels such as component, integration and system tests.

Often test automation tools from different manufacturers are used and their results need to be processed collectively.

Klaros Test Management supports over 30 different formats and test automation tools. Further formats and individual adaptations can be implemented at any time.

  Continuous Integration - Continuous Deployment

Continuous Integration delivers reliable, reproducible and traceable test results from test automation.

When integrated with standard CI servers, these results can be transferred to test management and evaluated together with other test results.

  Load and Performance Tests

For comprehensive reporting, the results of non-functional tests such as load and performance tests often need to be evaluated and prepared.

Klaros Test Management offers the possibility to directly import results from leading tools.