Testmanagement Tool

Klaros Test Management

The modern tool for a professional test management

Create test cases, organize your requirements, plan and control the test activities.

Create iterations and revisions, view changes and keep track.

  As a test manager, you coordinate the entire testing process

Control the testing process, coordinate the tasks of your team and provide meaningful reports and statistics.

Check the software quality, staff utilization and test progress of your projects at any time.

  Plan and schedule the tasks of your testers

Generate test tasks at the push of a button and assign them to your testers.

Organize tasks hierarchically and schedule reviews.

Up-to-date information on the level of utilization, duration and progress of every user's test activity.

  Guided test execution - logged automatically

Combine automated and manual test case results and evaluate them collectively.

Evaluate each test step, upload attachments, or submit issues directly to development.

Interrupt the test execution at any time and resume it seamlessly.

  Integrate Klaros Test Management into your tool chain

Create and track issues and defects and apply test case results from automation tools and continuous integration servers.

Export the results to Excel, PDF or XML and process them further.

  Powerful help for your everyday test management tasks

Define your own custom fields and reports, use templates for recurring steps and texts, modularize your test cases and manage them centrally.

Use filters in your daily work, search for and categorize your test artefacts in different views.

Separate test data from test instructions - Simplify the maintenance of your test cases.

  Additional features of Klaros Test Management:

  •   Guided manual test execution

  •   Authentication via LDAP, Active Directory or CAS

  •    Rights and roles system

  •   E-mail notifications

  •   Configurable dashboard

  •   Printer friendly pages

  •    Import of automated test case results

  •   Cross-project use of test cases and test artefacts

  •   Include binary attachments

Choose your edition

Free Test Management Tool: Klaros Testmanagement Community Edition

The Community Edition is freely usable and not restricted. It does only contain a subset of the functions provided in the Enterprise Edition.


Suitable for entry into test management, small scaled test projects, or if the functionality provided is sufficient.

Professional Test Case Management - Klaros Testmanagement Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition provides a significant broader range in terms of functionality, including resource management, project iterations, requirements coverage and numerous customization options.

Suitable for businesses and teams of any size requiring a methodical and structured test management approach.

Private server installation or hosted in the cloud

Test Management - Local Server Installation

Installed on your server (On-Premises)

  • Hosted on your own hardware
  • Perpetual license: one-time purchase
  • Complete application control
  • Local data storage
Test Management - Cloud Solution

As a cloud-based service (On-Demand)

  • Low starting cost
  • No additional costs for hardware, installation or administration
  • Automatic updates and backups
  • Optimally suited to periodic usage


Klaros-Testmanagement 5.6.0 released

Klaros-Testmanagement 5.5.5 released

Klaros-Testmanagement 5.5.4 released