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Announcement: New pricing model

As of February 2015, we will switch to a new pricing model.

The server license for an unlimited number of users gives way to a per-user license model.

You will find the complete new price list here in early February.

For questions or a quote please contact us at


Choose the version that fits your need:

As a download to install on your hardware (On-Premises)
  • Once-off cost of purchase, optional maintenance and support
  • Complete control, permanent availability
  • Simple integration into your local intranet
  • Optimally suited to constant usage
As a cloud-based service for flexible usage (On-Demand)
  • Low starting cost
  • no additional costs for hardware, no installation or administration overhead
  • Automatic updates and backups
  • Optimally suited to periodic usage
  On-Premises On-Demand
Licenses 1 license per server,
unlimited users
tiered by number of users
Support E-Mail Support, Forum, Wiki E-Mail Support, Forum, Wiki
Maintenance 1 year free
updates and maintenance
optional yearly prolongation
for 50% of the initial cost
Includes operation,
adminstration, updates und backups
Price from €3,480 from €390 per month (10 users)
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We have deliberately kept our license scheme as simple as possible. There are no hidden costs. If you want to use more mobile devices with Klaros-Testmanagement please ask us about bulk prices.


On-Premises: Advantages

  • Hosted on your own hardware
  • Perpetual license: one-time purchase
  • Optional service and support available
  • Complete application control
  • Local data storage


On-Demand: Advantages

  • Hosted in the cloud
  • Quick Setup
  • Monthly/Yearly Subscription pricing
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Fixed TCO - No addional costs