Chapter 3. How-Tos

Table of Contents

3.1. User Role Management
3.1.1. Limiting Project Access
3.2. Categorization
3.3. User Defined Properties
3.4. Pausing and Resuming Test Cases and Test Runs
3.5. Configuring Issue Management Systems
3.6. Issues
3.6.1. Linking Issues
3.6.2. Creating Issues
3.7. Revisions
3.8. Requirements
3.9. Iterations

This section of the tutorial consists of how-to guides for certain actions in Klaros-Testmanagement. We will continue to use the printer example project from the quick start guide.

It is recommended to complete the quick-start guide first if you wish to follow these guides step-by-step.

3.1. User Role Management

In this section we will learn how project access works and how to limit the access to our example project to specific users.

The default installation of Klaros-Testmanagement contains the three users admin, manager and tester (see the Klaros-Testmanagement documentation here and here for more information about user roles). If you create a new project (see Section 2.1.1, “Creating a Project”) all users of Klaros-Testmanagement will have access to this project. To limit the access to this project to a single users or several specific users, you can use project specific roles, which are part of Klaros-Testmanagement Enterprise Edition.

3.1.1. Limiting Project Access

In this section we will limit access to the Printer project. See here for more information about project specific roles.

[Tip] Assigning project specific roles

Project specific roles do not need to match the role of the user. For example, a user with the role test manager can be a tester in one project and a test manager in another project.

  1. Login to Klaros-Testmanagement using the Manager account.

  2. Select the Define section in the sidebar.

  3. Select the project P00001, or the Printer Test project if you already created other projects.

  4. Select the Access tab.

  5. The “Access” Tab

    Figure 3.1. The Access Tab

  6. Click on the Assign button.

  7. In the following dialog select the checkbox in front of Max Mustermann and select Test Manager from the Project Role dropdown list (if not already selected)

  8. Confirm the changes by clicking on the OK button.

The only user allowed to view the Printer project now is the user named manager. Administrators can still view the project, since they are excluded from project access rules. On the projects page, you can see which projects have access rules defined by the icon in the Additional information column.

A Project with Limited Access

Figure 3.2. A Project with Limited Access

  1. Login to Klaros-Testmanagement using the Manager account.

  2. Select the Define section in the sidebar.

  3. Select the project Printer Test.

  4. Select the Access tab.

  5. First we need to make sure, that at least one manager is assigned to the project. Select checkbox in the row containing Max Mustermann.

    Click the OK button. Max Mustermann is now the only user with access to this project.

[Important] Important

If you use project specific roles, you need to assign at least one test manager per project.