3.5. Configuring Issue Management Systems

In order to set up Klaros-Testmanagement to use issue management systems, you must log in as an administrator.

[Note] Note

Three user accounts are set up by default during the installation of Klaros-Testmanagement an administrator account, a manager account and a tester account.

Username Password
admin admin
manager manager
tester tester

Table 3.1. User Roles

  1. Log in as administrator and navigate to Configure - Integration - Issue Management.

  2. Press the New button.

    The Issue Management page

    Figure 3.9. The Issue Management page

  3. Select JIRA in the System drop-down list.

  4. Enter PRINTER in the Project text field (or the name of a test project, e.g. PLAYGROUND )

  5. Enter Hardware Team in the Description text field.

  6. If you have a JIRA system to test with, enter the address in the URL text field and press the icon.

  7. Press the Save button to save your new issue management system.

Repeat the process, select Mantis instead of JIRA and use Software Team as the description.

Now these two issue management systems can be assigned to projects within Klaros-Testmanagement.

This concludes the role of the administrator account in our quick start guide. Log out of Klaros-Testmanagement now and log in using a manager account.