3.6. Issues

3.6.1. Linking Issues
3.6.2. Creating Issues
[Important] Important

In order to use the examples in this guide it is recommended that you complete Section 2.6.1, “Executing Single Test Cases” of the quick-start guide.

Klaros-Testmanagement supports the creation of issues in issue management systems (IMS) (see Section 3.5, “Configuring Issue Management Systems”) as well as linking them with test cases. This can be achieved either by creating an issue in the IMS from within Klaros-Testmanagement, or by using the Link Issues feature to link pre-existing issues and test cases.

Both of these actions can be carried out from within the manual test runner or in the Evaluate - Issues section of Klaros-Testmanagement. Each Results Overview page in the manual test runner has the Link Issue and Create Issue buttons.

3.6.1. Linking Issues

Linking Issues

Figure 3.10. Linking Issues

  1. Login to Klaros-Testmanagement using the Tester account.

  2. Under Evaluate, select Issues from the side menu bar.

  3. Press the icon in the action column of the test case Test if the printer prints at least 10 pages per minute.

  4. Press the New button.

  5. Select the Hardware Team issue management system from the Issue Management System dropdown list.

  6. Enter a valid issue id in the ID text field (this id has to match an existing issue in the IMS).

  7. Press the icon next to the ID field (Please wait a few moments until the issue has been retrieved from the IMS).

  8. Select the system under test Printer Model 1 in the System under Test dropdown list.

  9. Press the Link button.

The list of assigned issues should now contain a single entry.