3.6.2. Creating Issues

Creating Issues

Figure 3.11. Creating Issues

  1. Login to Klaros-Testmanagement using the Tester account.

  2. Press the Evaluate link in the sidebar.

  3. Select the Issues menu entry in the sidebar.

  4. Press the New button.

  5. Select the Software Team issue management system from the Issue Management System dropdown list.

  6. Enter The printer Model 1 cannot print documents larger than 50 Mb into the Summary field.

  7. In the Description field, enter The Model 1 version of the printer cannot print documents which are larger than 50 Mb in size. This is regardless of the document type (e.g. pdf or txt).

  8. Select the test case Test if the printer prints at least 10 pages per minute in the Test Case dropdown list.

  9. Press the Save button.

You should now see a message The issue was successfully created in Mantis with ID XYZ. in the log panel on top of the screen.