3.3. User Defined Properties

[Important] Important

In order to use the examples in this guide it is recommended that you complete Section 2.1.1, “Creating a Project” of the quick-start guide.

User defined properties are customizable fields which can be added to the various artifacts of a project e.g. to make it easier to find specific elements or to reference external systems or documents. In this how-to, we will set up some user defined properties for our systems under test (or SUTs).

Since the SUTs in our example are printers, there are a number of properties that will make searching through them easier. One of these is the firmware version, an alpha-numeric value which is changed relatively often.

The printers used in our example have different properties. These properties can be customized in the tab User Defined. You will find a detailed description in Section 3.3, “User Defined Properties”. Here we define the firmware version and the printer head models.

  1. Click in the project ID or in the icon in the action column.

  2. Select the tab User defined and System under Test below.

  3. Click the New button.

    Adding User Defined Properties

    Figure 3.6. Adding User Defined Properties

  4. Add the entry Firmware Version in the field Name. The Type is already preset with the desired value Text.

  5. Click the Save button.

Next, we create 2 printer head models and define an enumeration type for them.

  1. Click the New button.

  2. Enter Printerhead Modelin the Name text field.

  3. Select Enumeration in the Type column. Click on the icon that appears in the Values column. A dialog opens.

  4. Click the New button and enter the entry Model 1.

  5. Again click the New button and enter the entry Model 2.

  6. Click the Ok button and then click Save on the main screen.

  1. Click on the ID for Printer Model 1 or select the icon in its action column

  2. Select the User Defined tab.

  3. Enter V23.41.06 in the Firmware Version field.

  4. Select Model 1 in the Printerhead Model dropdown list.

  5. Press the Save button.

    The User-Defined / System under Test page

    Figure 3.7. The User-Defined / System under Test page

  6. Now click on the green arrow in the upper right corner to switch to the next element. Now printer model 2 is displayed. Repeat the process for the remaining three systems under test.

    Version Firmware Version Printerhead Model
    Printer Model 2 V23.41.07B Model 2
    Printer Model 3 V23.41.07B Model 1
    Printer Model 4 V23.41.05 Model 2