3.2. Categorization

[Important] Important

In order to use the examples in this guide it is recommended that you complete Section 2.1.2, “ Creating Test Environments of the quick-start guide.

In our example project, we have separate test environments and test cases for hardware- and software-related criteria. A useful way to separate these within in Klaros-Test­management Enterprise Edition is to use the categorization feature.

Test environments, systems under test, test cases, test suites, requirements and iterations can all be assigned to categories in different category groups. Each object can only be assigned to one category in each category group, but there is no limit on the amount of category groups that may be created.

This how-to describes the process of assigning the test environments created in Section 2.1.2, “ Creating Test Environments of the quick-start guide into hardware- and software-related categories.

  1. Log in as a test manager.

  2. Select the Printer project.

  3. Select the Test Environments menu entry in the sidebar.

  4. Press the Categories label to expand the category creation and selection panel.

  5. Press the icon.

  6. Press the icon to create a new category group.

    Creating Categories

    Figure 3.3. Creating Categories

  7. Press the icon on the newly created ROOT category (this is the root category of this category group).

  8. Enter Hardware in the text field of the new category.

  9. Press the icon on the ROOT category again.

  10. Enter Software in the text field of the new category.

  11. Press the Save button.

  12. Select the checkboxes beside each of the software-related test environments ( Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.4).

  13. Press the icon.

  14. Press the Software entry in the popup.

    Assigning Test Environments to Categories

    Figure 3.4. Assigning Test Environments to Categories

  15. Press the Assign button.

  16. Select the checkbox beside each of the hardware-related test environments.

  17. Press the icon.

  18. Press the Hardware entry in the popup.

  19. Press the Assign button.

The Test Environment Categories

Figure 3.5. The Test Environment Categories

From now on, all test environments can be viewed as normal if the category panel is closed, and opening the category panel allows for selective viewing of the particular categories of test environments.