2.3. Creating Test Environments

The next step in setting up the project is to define the test environments in which the tests will take place. In Klaros-Testmanagement the test environment defines the external influences that can influence the test result. This could be the operating system on which the printer driver is installed or the physical environment in which the printer is operated.

For this tutorial, we will create two software-related and two hardware-related test environments.

  1. Under Define, select Test Environments from the side menu bar.

  2. Press the New button.

    The Test Environments page

    Figure 2.3. The Test Environments page

  3. Enter Ubuntu 20.04 in the Description text field and click the Save button.

  4. Create three more test environments with the following values in the field Description:

    • Windows 10
    • Average Room Temperature
    • Maximum Operating Temperature
  5. Press the Save button.