3.4. Pausing and Resuming Test Runs

[Important] Important

In order to use the examples in this guide it is recommended that you complete Section 2.1.5, “ Creating Test Suites of the quick-start guide.

Klaros-Test­management supports pausing and resuming of test suite runs. If the manual test runner is cancelled after at least one test case has been completed, the test run is automatically saved in the Continue Test Runs section.

  1. Log in as a tester.

  2. Select the Printer project.

  3. Navigate to the Execute section using the topbar.

  4. Select the Run Test Suite menu entry in the sidebar.

  5. Select the Tutorial Hardware test suite.

  6. Complete the first test case as explained in Section 2.2.2, “ Executing Test Suites.

  7. Press the Cancel button.

    The manual test runner will now close, returning you to the main Klaros-Test­management window.

  8. Select the Continue Test Run menu entry in the sidebar.

    The interrupted test suite run will now be displayed, showing that one of the two test cases in the test suite have been completed.

  9. You can click the icon to continue executing the test suite or the icon to delete this test suite run and the associated results.

    Continuing a Test Run

    Figure 3.7. Continuing a Test Run