2.5. Creating Test Suites

The final step before testing can commence is the definition of test suites. In Klaros-Testmanagement test cases are assigned to a test suite in order to execute them jointly later. A test suite can contain one or more test cases and test cases can occur in multiple test suites.

  1. Under Define, select Test Suites from the side menu bar.

  2. Press the New button.

    The Test Suites page

    Figure 2.6. The Test Suites page

  3. Enter Tutorial Hardware Suite in the Name field.

  4. Press the Save button.

  5. Press the icon.

  6. Click on the Properties tab.

  7. Press the icon on the Detects empty and the Test if the printer prints at least 10 pages per minute test cases.

    The Test Suite page

    Figure 2.7. The Test Suite page

  8. Press the Save button

Our project is now complete, and we can start to execute the test cases.