2.2.2.  Executing Test Suites

Next we will execute our test suite. The process is very similar to executing a test case, with an additional overview screen at the beginning.

  1. Press Run Test Suite in the sidebar.

  2. Press the icon for Tutorial Hardware suite.

    The Run Test Suite page

    Figure 2.14.  The Run Test Suite page

  3. Select Average Room Temperature as the Test Environment

    The Run Test Suite page

    Figure 2.15.  The Run Test Suite page

  4. Select Printer Model 1 as the System under Test.

  5. Press the Execute button.

  6. Press the Start button in the manual test runner.

    The test suite runner

    Figure 2.16.  The test suite runner

  7. Press the passed icon for all steps.

  8. Repeat for the second test case.

  9. Press the Finish button.