2.3.  Results and Reports

Now it's time to view the test results and reports. Klaros-Test­management contains a feature-rich test evaluation section which is best viewed using a manager account.

  1. Log into Klaros-Test­management using a manager account.

  2. Select the Printer project if it is not already selected.

  3. Press Evaluate in the topbar.

  4. Now the dashboard should be displayed, showing some of the default reports for the Printer project. These show relevant details like the number of test cases and test suites in the Project, the overall numbers of passed and failed test runs, and the testing activity in the last 30 days.

    You can also view individual test results for test cases and test suites in the Evaluate section.

    Press the Test Case Results menu entry in the sidebar.

    The Dashboard

    Figure 2.17.  The Dashboard

  5. Here you will see the test cases which have been executed in this project, along with a count of test runs with their results.

    The Test Case Results page

    Figure 2.18.  The Test Case Results page

  6. Press the icon for the Test if the printer prints at least 10 pages per minute test case.

  7. You will now see a screen summarizing each of the test runs for this test case.

    Press the icon for one of the test runs.

    The Test Case Result page

    Figure 2.19.  The Test Case Result page

  8. This screen shows a breakdown of the results of each step in the test case, as well as the summary and description the tester has entered for each of them.

    Press Test Results - Test Suite Results in the sidebar.

    The Test Run page

    Figure 2.20.  The Test Run page

    This page shows results of all test cases which have been run in a similar style to the Test Case Results page. Have a look at the results of the Tutorial Hardware suite.

This rounds up our quick start guide. The following chapter contains in-depth how-tos for most of the available actions in Klaros-Test­management.