Professional Test Management

Klaros-Test­management is a database-driven web application and assists you in assembling, managing and analyzing your test data and test cases.

The guided, automatically logged test execution and integrated management of test planning allows a reproducible test process at any time.

Why should I switch from Excel sheets to a professional tool?

Klaros-Test­management offers significant advantages over a table sheet. The database solution gives you multi-user capability, auditability, versioning, change history and a comprehensive evaluation of the test results and progress.

Can I only test software with Klaros-Test­management?

Klaros-Test­management is suited to manage test cases for software and other equipment. It does not matter whether you want to test software, machine functions or devices.

Is Klaros-Test­management only applicable in selected sectors?

Klaros-Test­management can be used in any kind of business, regardless if you want to test equipment or software.

Can Klaros-Test­management be integrated into existing environments?

Klaros-Test­management allows an easy integration with various development tools and offers import- and export interfaces for easy integration.

What about individual customization?

Klaros-Test­management is customizable and configurable. Klaros-Test­management has freely configurable fields for specific requirements and allows you to create custom reports.

Select your variant

The Community Edition is freely usable and not restricted. Suitable for entry, for smaller projects or if the functionality is sufficient.

The Enterprise Edition has a much wider range of functions, including resource management, project iterations, requirements coverage and numerous customization options. Suitable for businesses and teams of any size requiring a methodical and structured test management approach.

The Mobile Edition comes with an app that allows execution of the specified manual test cases on a mobile device. Particularly suitable for test teams in which specialist and performing activity test is separated or if the test object is not just a piece of software (equipment, machine functions).

Local oder in the Cloud

Local Installation (On-Premises)

  • Hosted on your own hardware
  • Perpetual license: one-time purchase
  • Complete application control
  • Local data storage

Cloud-Service (On-Demand)

  • Low starting cost
  • No additional costs for hardware, installation or administration
  • Automatic updates and backups
  • Optimally suited to periodic usage