8.5. Continue Test Run

8.5.1. Continuing a Suspended Test Run

Sometimes a test run has to be suspended due to working hours or external conditions which prevent further test case executions. A tester may stop executing a test run at any time without losing any previously entered test data.

A test run which is interrupted in its execution can be continued later. The execution resumes with the first test case step with no result.

The Continue Test Run page lists all test runs in the selected project which have not been finished. To get a better overview of the available interrupted test runs, the sorting and filtering functionality of the Filter / Sort panel can be used, as described in Section 5.2.6, “Filtering and Sorting”.

[Note] Note

The Miscellaneous settings page contains a setting which prevents users with the role Tester from seeing interrupted test runs of jobs from other users ( Section 10.4.1, “Miscellaneous Settings”).

8.5.1. Continuing a Suspended Test Run

To continue the execution of a stopped/suspended test run click on the icon of the test run ( Figure 8.16). To delete a suspended test run click on the icon in the action column.

The Continue Test Run Screen

Figure 8.16. The Continue Test Run Screen

Section 8.2, “Run Test Case” describes the process of executing a test suite. The new test results are merged automatically with the suspended test suite run results.