8.4. Permanently Skipping Test Cases

Permanently Skipping a Test Case

Figure 8.12. Permanently Skipping a Test Case

After permanently skipping a test case, the tester is prompted to enter a reason why he or she has skipped the test case. If a manager has defined reason templates (see Section 10.4.3, “Test Execution”), a dropdown list with all templates will appear, from which the tester can choose.

Hovering over an abbreviated Reason Template

Figure 8.13. Hovering over an abbreviated Reason Template

Pressing the icon will append the selected reason template to the summary field of the test case result.

Inserting a Reason Template

Figure 8.14. Inserting a Reason Template

[Note] Note

Skipping all steps of a test case will mark the whole test case as skipped.

The Test Run Overview

Figure 8.15. The Test Run Overview

After finishing a test run, the tester can also edit the reasons for skipping test cases in the test run overview (see Figure 8.15)