8.3. Run Test Suite

8.3.1. Executing a Test Suite

Executing a Test suite consists of running a defined set of test cases on a specific version of the system under test in a selected test environment.

The Run Test Suite page shows all test suites of a project in a list. To get a better overview of the available test suites, the sorting and filtering functionality of the Filter / Sort panel can be used as described in Section 5.2.6, “Filtering and Sorting”.

8.3.1. Executing a Test Suite

Clicking on the action icon of a test suite executes that test suite ( Figure 8.8).

The Run Test Suite Screen

Figure 8.8. The Run Test Suite Screen

[Warning] Warning

Test cases with the state Locked or without any steps will be skipped when executing the test suite.

A dialog showing information about the test suite will be displayed ( Figure 8.9). Clicking the icon on the right side of the dialog displays more detailed information about the test suite.

The Detailed Information about the Test Suite Screen

Figure 8.9. The Detailed Information about the Test Suite Screen

Before a test run is started, a test environment and a system under test must be chosen. user-defined properties may also be set for the test run here.

Press the Execute button to run the test suite. Klaros-Test­management will show the following pop-up window:

The Overview Screen

Figure 8.10. The Overview Screen

[Note] Note

Pop-ups must be enabled in your browser, or an exception must be added for Klaros-Test­management, in order to execute tests manually.

This screen shows the test suite overview and the attachments of the test suite if it has any. Clicking the icon starts the download of the corresponding attachment.

Click the Start button to begin the manual test run. By default, the step-by-step instructions screen will open, but this can be changed to the tabular step instructions view by marking the tabular view checkbox.

The test suite results screen allows the user to write a description and summary for the test suite run as well as for each individual test case and test step in the test run. ( Figure 8.11).

The Test Suite Results Screen

Figure 8.11. The Test Suite Results Screen

[Note] Note

If there are any issue management systems configured for this project, the Create Issue button will be enabled. For instructions on creating an issue with Klaros-Test­management see Section 8.7, “Creating Issues”.