Chapter 8. Execute

Table of Contents

8.1. My Jobs
8.2. Run Test Case
8.2.1. Executing a Single Test Case
8.3. Run Test Suite
8.3.1. Executing a Test Suite
8.4. Permanently Skipping Test Cases
8.5. Continue Test Run
8.5.1. Continuing a Suspended Test Run
8.6. Import Test Results
8.7. Creating Issues
8.7.1. Creating a Bugzilla Issue
8.7.2. Creating a Jira Issue
8.7.3. Creating a Mantis Issue
8.7.4. Creating a Redmine Issue
8.7.5. Creating a Trac Issue
8.8. Creating Review Jobs

This chapter describes the processes of executing test cases and test suites, continuing interrupted test suite executions and creating issues for tests that failed.

8.1. My Jobs

The My Jobs page shows the jobs for the active user and allows them to be executed. ( Figure 8.1).

The My Jobs Screen

Figure 8.1. The My Jobs Screen

Details such as the number of assigned jobs, the total estimated time for the jobs, the timeframe for the jobs and the number of completed jobs are displayed at the top of this page.

A table displays the details of each individual job. The action column contains a button which allows the user to execute the Job. This process is described in Section 7.1.4, “Executing a Job”.