Chapter 10. Configure

Table of Contents

10.1. Overview
10.2. Report Templates
10.2.1. Report Details
10.3. Users
10.3.1. Creating a User
10.3.2. Deleting a User
10.3.3. User Details
10.4. System
10.4.1. Miscellaneous Settings
10.4.2. Notification Settings
10.4.3. Test Execution
10.4.4. Interface Settings
10.4.5. Languages
10.5. Integration
10.5.1. Issue Management
10.5.2. Requirements Management
10.5.3. E-Mail
10.5.4. Network
10.5.5. LDAP
10.5.6. CAS
10.6. Backup
10.6.1. Export
10.6.2. Import

The Configure section provides administrative functions like managing custom reports, creating and editing user accounts, changing application settings, configuring remote system parameters, and backing up and restoring projects.

10.1. Overview

The main page of the Configure section is the Overview page. This page contains information about the operating system, Java runtime environment, memory usage and some additional information about the system as shown in Figure 10.1.

The Overview Page

Figure 10.1. The Overview Page