10.2. Report Templates

10.2.1. Report Details

On the Report Templates pages it is possible to create, edit, delete and generate user-defined reports.

Clicking the icon starts the creation of the corresponding report in the PDF format. Likewise the will start the creation of the report in Excel format.

User-Defined Report Template Page

Figure 10.2. User-Defined Report Template Page

If the user defined report is parameterized, all needed parameters must be entered in order to generate the report.

Generate a parameterized Report

Figure 10.3. Generate a parameterized Report

[Note] Note

The Generate button becomes visible after entering all required parameters.

To create a new report click the New button. A new report is created and the Report Details page is shown. To edit an existing report click the icon. Clicking the icon removes the corresponding report from the report repository.

10.2.1. Report Details

On the Report Details page it is possible to set the name and description of the report. A valid script and a report template must also be provided in order to save the user-defined report. It is possible to edit the script and template in the text area or upload them directly from an external file.

Clicking the Save button causes Klaros-Test­management to attempt to save the report to the content repository.

[Note] Note

The report is only saved if the script and template are valid and free of errors.

Report Details

Figure 10.4. Report Details

Further information about creating user-defined reports is available in Section 11.1, “Create A New Report Template”.