10.3. Users

10.3.1. Creating a User
10.3.2. Deleting a User
10.3.3. User Details

The Users section is used to create and edit Klaros-Test­management user accounts.

The Maintain Users page gives the user an overview of the user accounts in Klaros-Test­management. The accounts can be created, enabled, disabled and edited here. ( Figure 10.5). Only users with an Administrator role can edit all accounts, others are only able to edit their own account settings.

User accounts can be viewed on a printer-friendly page as described in Section 5.2.7, “Print Pages”.

[Note] Changing User Roles

Users can not change their own System Account flag or Role.

The Maintain Users Page

Figure 10.5. The Maintain Users Page

10.3.1. Creating a User

Clicking the New button creates a new user account ( Figure 10.5). The User Name, Full Name, E-Mail Address and Role attributes can be set here directly. When the Save button is clicked, a dialog will appear for each new user account to set the Password and System Account flag ( Figure 10.6). Per default users of role Administrator or Manager are able to create new user accounts. Users of role Manager can only create accounts of role Tester or Guest.

[Tip] Limit account creation to administrators

If a more stringent approach is desired, the Only Administrators can create Users setting can be used to limit user creation to the administrator role. See Section 10.4.1, “Miscellaneous Settings” for more information.

The Save New User Dialog

Figure 10.6. The Save New User Dialog

10.3.2. Deleting a User

Clicking the icon on the Maintain User Page ( Figure 10.5) causes the user account to be disabled. Only users of role Administrator can see and restore disabled users.

10.3.3. User Details

This page ( Figure 10.7) allows the user to edit the following attributes of a user account:

  • Full Name

    The full name of the user

  • User Name

    The login name of the user

  • E-Mail Address

    The e-mail address of the user, is used for notification emails. If email notifications are configured (see Section 10.3.1, “Creating a User”) and an email address is provided while creating a new user (see Section 10.4.2, “Notification Settings”), this user will receive a registration email. This email contains the new user's username and password.

  • System Account

    If this flag is set the user is not able to login at the login page and interactively control the application. System accounts should be used for automated tasks like importing data.

  • Password

    The password to log in to Klaros-Test­management

  • Retype Password

    Confirmation of the password

  • User Role

    The role of the user, which can be Administrator, Manager, Tester or Guest.

[Note] Changing User Roles

Users can not change their own System Account flag or Role.

The Edit User Screen

Figure 10.7. The Edit User Screen

Clicking the Save button submits the changes while clicking the Cancel button discards them. Results

This section contains a Results tab as described in Section 5.2.17, “Related Test Runs and Results”. Project Roles

The Project Roles tab shows the project roles the user has for all project with secured access (see Section, “Securing access to the Project” for more information on how to secure access to projects). Administrators can change the project roles for all users and projects here.

The Project Roles Tab

Figure 10.8. The Project Roles Tab

Pressing the Assign button opens up a popup window with a list of all projects with project specific roles that the user isn't assigned to yet. Pressing the Ok button assigns the user to the selected projects.

The Project Roles Tab

Figure 10.9. The Project Roles Tab