10.6. Backup

10.6.1. Export
10.6.2. Import

To move data between different database installations or to selectively import data, Klaros-Test­management provides the functionality to import and export database content via XML files. Only Administrators and Managers are able to import or export projects.

10.6.1. Export

Here it is possible to export selected project data. The user can select one or more projects, or click at the Select all option to select all the projects that are available ( Figure 10.30).

The Export Tab

Figure 10.30. The Export Tab

Clicking the Export button exports the selected projects to an XML formatted output file and clicking the Cancel button discards the selection.

[Note] Note

Exported backup files carry a version number identifying the version of the database that was exported. Backup files may only be imported when the database version of the Klaros installation matches the version of the backup file.

10.6.2. Import

Here it is possible to import the project data that has previously been exported. The user can browse for a backup file and upload it. The screen will show the projects contained in the uploaded file, and the user is able to select one or more projects or click the Select all option to select all the projects for restoration ( Figure 10.31).

The Import Tab

Figure 10.31. The Import Tab

Clicking the Import button imports the selected project data and clicking the Cancel button cancels the restore.

[Note] Note

The import action will not overwrite existing projects or other existing artifacts therein.

[Important] Important

If you try to import a backup file from a previous Klaros database version this import will be rejected with a corresponding error message. You need to import that backup in a compatible Klaros release installation first and update that to your current release.

A subsequent export will then yield a compatible backup file.