Klaros-Testmanagement 5.0.7 released

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Klaros-Testmanagement 5.0.7 released

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This maintenance release adds support for importing attachments for test cases and requirements via XML, adds customized report state management and improves the GitLab and Bugzilla integration.

Overall 6 improvements and 16 bug fixes are included in this release.

What's new in Klaros-Testmanagement 5.0?

For more information about the new features in Klaros-Testmanagement 5.0, have a look at our forum Announcement Post.

Release Notes

Version 5.0.7 (28.01.2021)


    [KLAROS-4603] - Add the option to hide specific user defined reports for non-admin users
    [KLAROS-4619] - Allow to import attachments for test cases and requirements via XML format
    [KLAROS-4621] - Suppress empty journal entries in the history tab
    [KLAROS-4630] - Add a GitLab icon to the issue details page when a GitLab issue is shown
    [KLAROS-4631] - Fix font size for GitLab comments on the issue details page
    [KLAROS-4639] - Allow to search for edited test segment steps in test cases

Bug Fixes

    [KLAROS-4480] - Exception during background requirements synchronization
    [KLAROS-4510] - Synchronizing a single requirement from the requirement details page activates the save/cancel buttons
    [KLAROS-4579] - It is not possible to import an XML project backup that references an RMS if an RMS is already active on the Klaros instance
    [KLAROS-4601] - Error storing Bugzilla custom datetime instances
    [KLAROS-4605] - Rejecting a test case review leads to an exception
    [KLAROS-4608] - Newlines are stripped from report model instances in multiline fields of plain text format projects
    [KLAROS-4611] - Previous default value is shown when editing a default value of a custom report parameter
    [KLAROS-4613] - Copying deleted predefined reports results in a NPE
    [KLAROS-4616] - The notification events of a notification scheme are hidden until a manual refresh
    [KLAROS-4624] - Deleting a freshly created notification event without prior saving leads to an exception
    [KLAROS-4625] - Missing indices for test step large fields
    [KLAROS-4627] - When no project is selected existing report templates are hidden from the report templates page
    [KLAROS-4628] - The Steps tab on the test case details page fails to load if the session has timed out
    [KLAROS-4629] - Unable to edit enum report parameter values
    [KLAROS-4632] - Import of projects from backup files linked to external requirement management systems fails
    [KLAROS-4641] - No job assignee notification mails are sent when a job is created or updated from the job list page