• Test Case Properties
    Detail View

  • Test Management Dashboard
    Showing Test Activity

  • Test Job Properties
    Detail View

  • Test Runs with Parameters
    and Results

  • Test Environment Overview
    with Results

  • Requirement Overview Showing
    Current Test Coverage

  • Test Suite Status
    with Result Overview

  • Test Coverage
    of a Requirement

  • Test Plan Showing Success and
    Progress Rates of Test Jobs

  • Test Case Result Details
    with Test Steps Results

  • Managing Test Jobs Hierarchies

  • Custom Test Report Creation

  • Issue/Defect Management Integration

  • Test Iteration Overview
    with Progress and Success Rates

  • Test Result History Diagram

For common cases standard reports are available that can be rendered in different formats like PDF or Excel.

For individual requirements custom reports can be created. Due to the powerful API and fully programmable reports can cover even the most complex scenarios.

  • Test Run Report

  • Custom Report

  • Test History Report

  • Klaros Management Dashboard

  • Test Project Overview

  • Latest Test Success Rate

  • Test Activity

  • Test Progress

  • Test Progress History

  • Test Project Success Matrix

Dashboard Reports