Klaros-Testmanagement 5.0 released

Klaros Testmanagement Screenshots

10 years after the first release of Klaros-Testmanagement as a free community edition, the completely revised version 5.0 has now been released.

With the switch to PrimeFaces as the underlying frontend technology, the user interface underwent a complete revamp. In addition to the modern and more attractive look, the usability and convenience has been improved.

In reporting, a lot of new functionality has been added to the dashboard. The included customizable report templates were redesigned and new ones have been added.

Database access has been completely revised and has been significantly accelerated especially for writing and batch operations.


What's new?



  • Descriptions for test cases, test steps, etc. are now editable as rich text and may contain images
  • Table contents can be edited directly in the individual cells via mouse click
  • Frequently used functions can be triggered by keyboard shortcuts
  • List entries can be reordered by drag-and-drop
  • Table sorting by clicking on the corresponding column header
  • Bookmarks can be copied directly to the clipboard



  • Dashboard contents can now be individually configured and saved. Individual dashboards can be defined as project presets and shared with other users
  • The predefined reports have been completely revised and new reports have been added
  • The diagram display has been significantly accelerated by asynchronous loading
  • Dashboard diagrams can be exported as image files for further processing
  • Data tables can now also be exported in XML and PDF formats
  • Print pages optionally contain additional diagrams



  • Database layout has been optimized and database access has been completely reworked
  • Batch transactions, especially for write operations, are now processed substantially faster



  • The Java runtime environment is now integrated and automatically installed.
  • Klaros uses the current LTS (Long Term Support) Java Runtime Environment Version 11
  • The Tomcat application server has been updated to the current version 9


  • The MySQL database is now also supported in version 8

In total more than 13 bugs have been fixed, and 50 improvements as well as 15 new features have been added.

The complete release notes can be found here: Release Notes


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