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Using Klaros with Apache reverse proxy

I installed Klaros on our development server. I would like to make url little nicer. I setuped reverse proxy:

# mod_proxy setup.
ProxyRequests Off
ProxyPass /klaros-web
ProxyPassReverse /klaros-web

<Location "/klaros-web">
  # Configurations specific to this location. Add what you need.
  # For instance, you can add mod_proxy_html directives to fix
  # links in the HTML code. See link at end of this page about using
  # mod_proxy_html.

  # Allow access to this proxied URL location for everyone.
  Order allow,deny
  Allow from all

It almost works, but there is issue with test execution. The pop up window is displaying login dialog instead of actual test case and it doesn't allow to login, so i can't continue executing.

I will appreciate any advice.

Maciej Sawicki
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RE: Using Klaros with Apache reverse proxy
1/27/11 4:59 PM as a reply to Maciej Sawicki.
Hi Maciej,

can you please check the parameter "Application URL" in the category "Configure" in Klaros-Testmanagement. You can find it under "System Parameters | General". This parameter must be set to the new proxy URL of Klaros. Without this, Klaros will not work properly when running behind a proxy.


Tobias Schmitt
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RE: Using Klaros with Apache reverse proxy
2/1/11 12:16 PM as a reply to Tobias Schmitt.
Hi Tobias,

Thank You for quick answer. the url wasn't set. After setting it to https://somedomain/klaros-web everything works grate.
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