Klaros-Testmanagement version 3.2.3 released

So what does the new version provide?

For users of the Enterprise Edition: A complete new Planning component, which allows to assign test execution and other jobs to users.

  • Jobs can be nested as well as individually assigned and accounted for
  • User occupation can be tracked and viewed

Community and Enterprise Edition:
  • The test step definition interface has been redesigned to allow more input and improved usability
  • Redmine 1.0 and later is now finally supported
  • Full Support for Jira 4.1 - you no longer need to disable the form token
  • Issues can now be created directly without having to run tests
  • Test cases can be copied from one project to another

And as always an impressive list of smaller improvements, tweaks and bug fixes.

We hope you will enjoy the new release and look forward to your suggestions and feedback.



Release Notes:

Version 3.2.3 - 2010-12-22:

Fixed Bugs:

[KLAROS-1144] - NullpointerException after creating a Redmine Issue
[KLAROS-1138] - Exporting the job data table to Excel creates unusable fields
[KLAROS-1131] - Filtering after job status yields an Exception
[KLAROS-1130] - Sorting/filtering the job status should allow to select the corresponding value instead of entering it
[KLAROS-1120] - Missing diagram refresh when changing filter criteria on the user job page
[KLAROS-1119] - Broken layout for job filter list
[KLAROS-1110] - New Button on the Test Case Details page in the Step Tab ist too low
[KLAROS-1104] - Trac permission error
[KLAROS-1103] - Test level field not translated on the test execution page
[KLAROS-1102] - Table border visible in the test execution window
[KLAROS-1097] - Switching the language does not change the displayed test case status field value
[KLAROS-1094] - Selection values are not translated on the revision details page
[KLAROS-1090] - NullpointerException while selecting an empty priority search filter criteria
[KLAROS-1088] - User defined properties are not visible on a test case when trying to directly edit a newly created test case
[KLAROS-1086] - Inconsistent behavior of the enumeration edit dialog
[KLAROS-1084] - Revision creator not shown in the UI
[KLAROS-1067] - The layout of the dashboard page is broken in Firefox and IE


[KLAROS-1150] - Activate second level caching to improve overall database performance
[KLAROS-1145] - On the create user page the second column is smaller than the first one
[KLAROS-1137] - The completion status of user jobs is represented in a confusing fashion
[KLAROS-1136] - implement a hover effect in data tables
[KLAROS-1126] - Allow to search and filter after the finished field in job data tables
[KLAROS-1125] - Tooltips is missing for the show user job page
[KLAROS-1124] - When editing job details for a specific user there is no back button to return to the user page
[KLAROS-1121] - The user job data table must show the finished state of the listed jobs
[KLAROS-1118] - The Log Work dialog should allow to set the finish percentage
[KLAROS-1117] - Test case and test suite selection dialogs in the job details page need filter and sorting options to be used effectivly
[KLAROS-1115] - Show the number of nested Subjobs after the Job ID
[KLAROS-1111] - Button alignment on test case - step tab does not fit
[KLAROS-1109] - The session timeout field should be disabled not hidden on the configuration page
[KLAROS-1108] - Mandatory fields on the user creation page should be marked as such
[KLAROS-1106] - The test execution client must provide access to the online help
[KLAROS-1095] - The attachment creator should be listed with its full name
[KLAROS-1093] - Pressing enter in a filter/sort definition should trigger the apply button
[KLAROS-1089] - Implement a clearer structure of the copy test cases section
[KLAROS-1087] - Missing tooltips for the up/down buttons in the project properties definition screen
[KLAROS-1085] - Automatically activate the first editable field when creating any new object
[KLAROS-1053] - Coloring looks confusing on evaluate jobs page diagram
[KLAROS-1006] - Support better URL validation and consistent short URLs for Mantis connections
[KLAROS-867] - The test step Window opens behind the Klaros Window when running a test case
[KLAROS-634] - Automatically select the newly created project as the current project

Version 3.2.2 - 2010-11-23:

Fixed Bugs:

[KLAROS-1083] - Wrong index for current test case when executing test suites
[KLAROS-1082] - The dashboard reports doesn't refresh when selecting another language
[KLAROS-1079] - Wrong state for copied test cases
[KLAROS-1078] - Missing up button in test case steps
[KLAROS-1077] - The first created job is initially not editable
[KLAROS-1076] - Error saving unsaved test environment or SUT
[KLAROS-1072] - Missing diagram on the jobs per user page
[KLAROS-1071] - SUT Text not fully visible in the test result history report
[KLAROS-1070] - The command link for the continue test suite run is broken for the suite object
[KLAROS-1065] - The welcome text on the login page needs to be different for non-demo installations
[KLAROS-1063] - Wrong title for test case details page
[KLAROS-1062] - Permalinks give errors when used from an unauthenticated browser
[KLAROS-1060] - AssertionFailedException when trying to create JIRA issue with unselected Jira version/component field
[KLAROS-1059] - Show active project is broken as a option
[KLAROS-1056] - Two jobs are generated when adding a job with a changed Priority
[KLAROS-1021] - The manual execution popup windows always shows an horizontal scrollbar with IE
[KLAROS-1019] - copy testcase - expected result missing


[KLAROS-1081] - The header layout with IE slightly differs from the other browsers
[KLAROS-1080] - Show the corresponding amount of entries for the test step listing size selector
[KLAROS-1075] - Enable a proper connection pooling which transparently handles MySQL server connection timeouts
[KLAROS-1018] - Add Documentation about permanent URLs
[KLAROS-1017] - Change the locking behavior for managers to adhere to the tool tip shown

Version 3.2.1 - 2010-11-09:

Fixed Bugs:

[KLAROS-1055] - It is not possible to remove steps from a test case
[KLAROS-1048] - entering german time format results in strange behaviour. No feedback is given to the user
[KLAROS-1047] - executing a testcase from the job view fails with an error
[KLAROS-1046] - clicking on a subjobs "add job to new parent" icon does nothing
[KLAROS-1043] - Missing property for select new parent dialog
[KLAROS-1042] - After selecting type enum on the User Definition page of a project the type dropdown box gets shrunk to two characters


[KLAROS-1052] - Due Date column is too narrow to display the date in one line, therefore the status column could be a bit smaller
[KLAROS-1049] - left time for a job is not calculated
[KLAROS-1009] - Allow the sorting and searching for users in the job releated data tables

Version 3.2.0 - 2010-11-03:

New Features:

[KLAROS-993] - Support the assignment and tracking of tasks to users
[KLAROS-991] - Add support for Redmine 1.0
[KLAROS-987] - Add support for Jira 4.1
[KLAROS-944] - Support the ad-hoc creation of issues
[KLAROS-942] - Provide the ability to copy selected test cases to another project

Fixed Bugs:

[KLAROS-1039] - Exporting a project and importing it again fails
[KLAROS-1037] - Jobs generated via Jobs from Test cases page are not directly visible when switching to maintain jobs page
[KLAROS-1036] - It is possible to create Jobs with a start date after the due date from the jobs from test cases page
[KLAROS-1034] - Missing information about what to enter into the duration field when logging my work
[KLAROS-1031] - Missing tooltip on Job Details page
[KLAROS-1029] - Alignment of create revision checkbox is different: test case <-> test suite
[KLAROS-1023] - Newly created dashboard reports do not automatically pick up their initial environment and sut selections
[KLAROS-1022] - Test case links in the test suite table do no longer work
[KLAROS-1014] - Changes to user properties are not immediately visible for other users
[KLAROS-1004] - Wrong label for environment description field
[KLAROS-997] - Klaros swallows exceptions of the issue management interface
[KLAROS-996] - Validation fails on a new created Jira issue management system
[KLAROS-989] - inconsisting rendering of network activity in IE8
[KLAROS-988] - IE rendering fails for large step descriptions
[KLAROS-984] - Creating a new revision of a test case reverts all made changes
[KLAROS-982] - After the migration to 3.0 all business codes started at the beginning again
[KLAROS-977] - Cannot select type on page "Import Test Results" before uploading file
[KLAROS-968] - NullPointerException on the issue management page
[KLAROS-967] - Klaros should not be installed in a default dir it cannot run in
[KLAROS-965] - The order criteria for the field "ID" is not working
[KLAROS-964] - Exception when searching for the description on the evaluate test plan page
[KLAROS-950] - The support for JIRA breaks with JIRA 4.1.2 without disabled form token
[KLAROS-931] - Error when creating an issue in Redmine
[KLAROS-775] - Display gets messed up when precondition text is longer than the size of the text field


[KLAROS-1038] - Wrong position of the select all checkbox on restore projects page
[KLAROS-1035] - Checkboxes on Jobs from testcases page not aligned
[KLAROS-1032] - It is not clear how to select a testcase on the job detail page
[KLAROS-1030] - Numbering of SUT takes too much space, information gets lost in dropdownbox
[KLAROS-1027] - Layout on Teststep Edit page is broken in IE8
[KLAROS-1025] - User properties: misplaced edit button for enumeration fields
[KLAROS-1024] - Layout of enum properties dialog looks strange in IE8
[KLAROS-1010] - Username field allows too many characters
[KLAROS-998] - Support the assignment of automatic test results to klaros test cases
[KLAROS-976] - Cover the installation of Klaros as a service under windows/linux in the manual
[KLAROS-974] - Avoid special characters in filename when exporting data tables to excel sheets
[KLAROS-908] - Allow the administrator to restore disabled user accounts
[KLAROS-762] - A long project description breaks the layout
[KLAROS-748] - Text boxes of the test case steps are too small
[KLAROS-437] - The input areas for descriptions, pre- and postconditions should be bigger or expandable
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