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Parameterize Variables

Parameterize Variables
9/28/20 2:57 PM
Is it possible to parameterize variables in the  testcases? I would like to use a single testcase for several input,  like different passwords for different users.
Best Ina
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RE: Parameterize Variables
9/28/20 7:57 PM as a reply to Ina Raschke.
Hi Ina,

yes, this is indeed possible.

Please refer to the following sections in the documentation which should give you the basic idea:

5.3.14. Referencing Object Properties
5.3.15. Referencing Attachments

So in your case, you would add your user passwords in an excel file as an attachment and select the row containing the password to use via a user defined field on your test case.
Using a test segment you can include the login part of your test case from a single definition.

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Kind regards

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