Install Klaros on ubuntu

Install Klaros on ubuntu
7/26/19 6:04 PM
Hi all,
I have a problem with start Klaros on Ubuntu.
After succesful instalation, I get an error
ERROR, org.hibernate.proxy.pojo.javassist.JavassistLazyInitializer HHH000142: Javassist Enhancement failed: de.verit.klaros.core.persistent.CategoryReference
java.lang.NullPointerException: null
In cataslina.out
What am I wrong with?
Thanks and regards
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RE: Install Klaros on ubuntu
7/26/19 10:04 PM as a reply to Aleksandr Plistik.
Hi Aleksandr,

the log indicates that you are using a Java 11 Runtime which is currently unsupported. You will require Java 8 for this to work.

Please refer to the following resources for details:

Installation Requirements:
JDK-related blog entry:

Please let me know if this worked for you.

Kind regards,

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