Klaros-Testmanagement 4.0 released

Klaros-Testmanagement 4.0 released
1/12/18 11:50 AM
We are pleased to announce the release of Klaros-Testmanagement version 4.0.

This release includes an overhaul of the user interface as well as the addition of two new test artifacts, Requirements and Iterations.

New and noteworthy in this version:

  • A completely reworked user interface

  • The addition of requirements allows better oversight of the test process

  • Iterations allow synchronization of the testing process with agile development processes:

    The test compliance and coverage can be easily seen for an iteration:

  • New custom report templates have been added:

    These can also be customized further before use.

  • Users can be assigned seperate roles for different projects:

  • Printer friendly pages have been added for more objects. In addition, these pages are now configurable:

  • The database limitations on text field sizes has been removed.

  • The result formats of two new tools is now supported. Eclipse Jubula and GUIDancer files have joined the list of importable formats.

Version 4.0.0 - 2013-11-21:

New Features:

[KLAROS-1986] - Implement a tab on the TestCaseResult Details page showing a ace:gMap with the coordinates of the TestCaseStepResults
[KLAROS-1975] - Support attachments for additional artifacts
[KLAROS-1965] - Support the Eclipse Jubula result format
[KLAROS-1964] - Supported very large strings in text fields
[KLAROS-1947] - Create an mobile device overview page to manage and activate installations of the Android Mobile Client
[KLAROS-1942] - Setup a site where the admins can manage all mobile devices that are registered
[KLAROS-1901] - Allow bulk printing of selected table entries
[KLAROS-1799] - Base UI implementation on IceFaces 3.3 / JSF2.1
[KLAROS-955] - Support a project based authorization scheme
[KLAROS-734] - Allow a better selection of test case versions in test suites

Fixed Bugs:

[KLAROS-1797] - Test Case Runner can save a test case step result with no test case result set
[KLAROS-1782] - Category tree does not render properly in Google Chrome
[KLAROS-1481] - ORA-01795 - More than 1000 expressions in a list error for large Oracle Databases
[KLAROS-1195] - Test step page does not correctly remember the value from the page size selector
[KLAROS-846] - klaros-uninstaller does not uninstall on linux


[KLAROS-2014] - Scroll the tabular test execution view to the top of the next test case step to execute
[KLAROS-1977] - Allow to assign multiple jobs to users on the jobs by user page
[KLAROS-1973] - Allow managers to backup projects
[KLAROS-1966] - Allow bulk adding of test cases on the test suite details page
[KLAROS-1933] - Add a boolean parameter type to the custom report parameter types
[KLAROS-1889] - Support the correct Windows 8 / Windows Server 2012 default installation directory
[KLAROS-1865] - Allow project-specific user roles
[KLAROS-1860] - Update the settings pages
[KLAROS-1788] - Allow users to resume interrupted test cases
[KLAROS-1775] - Improve the speed of listing custom reports
[KLAROS-1595] - Allow invalidation of test case revisions/results
[KLAROS-1379] - Make the default container session timeout level configurable and raise the default setting
[KLAROS-1237] - The previous/next navigation on the details page should respect the current filter and order options
[KLAROS-758] - Extend the page to maximum height and extend the menubar to full height of page
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