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Roadmap: Migrating from Oracle Java to OpenJDK


Oracle has changed the license terms for the Oracle Java Runtime distributions. Since Klaros-Testmanagement has only supported this Java platform so far, we have received numerous inquiries about providing alternative solutions.


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In the future we will gradually switch from Oracle Java to OpenJDK as the supported runtime environment.


duke Logo Up to version 4.11.1 Klaros-Testmanagement still only supports Oracle Java 8. We recommend using Oracle Java Runtime 8u201. This version is still subject to the original license conditions and can therefore be used free of charge.

As of version 4.12 (Release date end of July 2019), all further versions of the 4.xx branch will support OpenJDK 8 as well as the Oracle Java Runtime Environment. The minimum supported version here is OpenJDK 8u201.

We recommend using the AdoptOpenJDK distributions (https://adoptopenjdk.net/).

From version 5.0 onwards Klaros-Testmanagement will support both Oracle Java Runtime and OpenJDK version 11.

Non-LTS versions (9,10,12,13) - no matter from which manufacturer - will never be supported. This applies to both Windows and Linux operating systems.

We hope to meet the interests of many users with this change.

Your opinion on this topic is important to us and we are looking forward to your feedback here, in the forum or also under support@verit.de.