Klaros-Testmanagement - Test Management for GitLab

  • Maintain test cases and test planning
  • Perform test runs and record test results
  • Create issues in GitLab and link them to test cases
  • Track issues, test results, activity and progress

  Easy Test Management Integration of GitLab

GitLab projects can be easily integrated with Klaros test management.

This is achieved by adding a GitLab entry with the respective project url to the list of managed issue management systems in Klaros-Testmanagement.

In order to access GitLab from Klaros-Testmanagement, an API key must first be generated to authenticate with GitLab.

The GitLab project can then be assigned to any desired Klaros project.

  Bidirectional Issue Management in GitLab and Klaros Test Management

During or after performing a test in Klaros, issues may be directly created and edited while automatically forwarding them to GitLab.

The issues recorded in Klaros Test Management are immediately available in GitLab.

An automatically generated link in the issue allows you to switch back to the test case in test management with just one click.

In the background, a regular comparison with the issues stored in GitLab takes place. If issues are changed or closed there, these changes are also automatically visible in Klaros.

The current status of the issues stored in GitLab and the test case results stored in test management can be processed into individual reports in Klaros Test Management.