Klaros-Testmanagement 5.6.0 released

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Klaros-Testmanagement 5.6.0 released

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We are pleased to announce the release of Klaros Test Management 5.6.0.

This feature release adds a ton of new features and improvements as well as many stability fixes:

  • Support for Java 21 and PrimeFaces 14
  • More comfort in dealing with categories
  • Improved general keyword search
  • Enhanced filter options
  • Over 50 other improvements and bug fixes

Overall this release contains 4 new features, 24 improvements and 32 bug fixes.

All users are encouraged to update.

Release Notes Version 5.6.0 (07.05.2024)

New Features:

[KLAROS-5058] - Support Java 21
[KLAROS-5238] - The full text search should display each matching object property of a matching object
[KLAROS-5277] - Support filtering the list of test cases by category when linking test cases to requirements
[KLAROS-5279] - Automatically save current category selection per user session and table


[KLAROS-4362] - After exporting projects, the selection should be deselected automatically
[KLAROS-5182] - The select all checkbox should be automatically deselected after bulk delete and purge actions
[KLAROS-5187] - Migrate to PrimeFaces 14
[KLAROS-5200] - Do not auto expand category nodes when a new category is selected
[KLAROS-5220] - Do not index HTML tags for full text search
[KLAROS-5236] - Show the latest result table on the test suite details overview page
[KLAROS-5239] - Enforce focus on the login user name field upon login page load
[KLAROS-5242] - Testers and guests should only be able to edit their passwords on their user page
[KLAROS-5245] - Allow testers and guests to select previous revisions of test cases, test suites and requirements on the revision tab
[KLAROS-5252] - Show skipped test runs in the latest test run chart on the job detail overview page
[KLAROS-5253] - Enable iteration filter selection on the evaluate test case and test suite result tables
[KLAROS-5254] - Show a latest result info icon on the test case and test suite execution pages
[KLAROS-5256] - Prevent activating the wrong table rows by clearing the table sorting before creating new table entries
[KLAROS-5265] - Allow switching off the current iteration on the evaluate test case and test suite result pages
[KLAROS-5267] - Improve the visualization of changes to deleted custom property values in the details page changes view
[KLAROS-5272] - Support both NUnit 2.x and NUnit 3.x result formats
[KLAROS-5274] - Remove the equals / not equals filter criteria for date fields
[KLAROS-5275] - Support filtering requirement and issue management systems by number of issues/requirements and linked projects
[KLAROS-5280] - When reviewing a test case or test suite, show the review task description on the detail page of the reviewed object
[KLAROS-5283] - List the related job of the test run on the continue test run selection page
[KLAROS-5287] - Remove the upper limit on the rich text editor vertical size
[KLAROS-5289] - When cloning a dashboard, always pre-select the newly created dashboard
[KLAROS-5291] - Support rich text description fields when creating review jobs
[KLAROS-5292] - Deny access to detail pages of purged objects

Fixed Bugs:

[KLAROS-5214] - Unable to paste content to the user email address field during user administration
[KLAROS-5229] - No German translation in figure cross referencing
[KLAROS-5231] - Broken test case and test suite result page filtering
[KLAROS-5232] - Only allow category editing in the define section
[KLAROS-5233] - Unable to filter tables via keyword search when no project has yet been selected
[KLAROS-5235] - Deleting a dashboard does not update the dashboard selection list
[KLAROS-5240] - Missing scrollbar on data table overflow
[KLAROS-5241] - When a users continues a test run he started executing himself in the same session, it is shown as blocked by the user itself once started
[KLAROS-5246] - The latest result shown in the info column in the maintain jobs table shows the first test run instead of the last
[KLAROS-5249] - Missing new and link buttons on the evaluate issues page for users in role tester
[KLAROS-5250] - The test run chart on job details page is presented in reverse orientation
[KLAROS-5255] - The job execution time chart on the job overview page is counting non-job related test runs as well
[KLAROS-5257] - Unable to synchronize test cases or test suites from their details page
[KLAROS-5260] - Test step user defined fields are still editable in synchronized test cases
[KLAROS-5263] - If only executed test cases or test suites are displayed, there is no sort order in the table
[KLAROS-5264] - The default sort order in the attachment tables does not sort by attachment revision
[KLAROS-5266] - Fix line breaks in the test case and test suite synchronization dialogs for add/move/remove history changes
[KLAROS-5269] - Unable to filter test cases by evaluation
[KLAROS-5270] - It is not possible to filter test runs for set/unset test cases
[KLAROS-5271] - The report template format filter should not contain an option for an empty format
[KLAROS-5273] - A superfluous confirmation dialog is appearing when saving notification schemes
[KLAROS-5276] - After bulk adding test cases to several test suites the test suite list is not properly initialized
[KLAROS-5281] - The latest test run job over view diagram is omitting the passed test result count
[KLAROS-5282] - When executing only a single test case from a job related test suite start dialog, the job relation is missing in the resulting test run
[KLAROS-5286] - Do not allow to synchronize an issue on the issue details page when no issue management system has been connected yet
[KLAROS-5288] - The hotkey for creating new reports is still active while new report parameters are being edited
[KLAROS-5295] - When adding test steps to multiple test segments or test cases, deselecting all test segments in the dialog must disable the OK button
[KLAROS-5296] - Some print pages do not include a list of attachments
[KLAROS-5298] - Missing page refresh when assigning a new test case or test suite on the job details page
[KLAROS-5299] - The description field in the create review dialog is missing rich text editing functionality when opened during test execution
[KLAROS-5300] - Unable to purge some projects
[KLAROS-5301] - After purging test cases, the test run list may be get temporarily unavailable