Klaros-Testmanagement 5.5.3 released

Torsten Stolpmann, modified 9 Months ago.

Klaros-Testmanagement 5.5.3 released

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We are pleased to announce the release of Klaros Test Management 5.5.3.

This hot-fix release fixes a regression introduced in the database migration code version 5.5.2.

In addition, change history pages were improved and the installer is now again showing the full relase notes.

Release Notes Version 5.5.3 (06.10.2023)


[KLAROS-5208] - Clean up the change history view of objects

Fixed Bugs:

[KLAROS-5209] - Fix regression in migration code in release 5.5.2
[KLAROS-5210] - Restore the release notes history in the installer readme