Klaros-Testmanagement 5.5.0 released

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Klaros-Testmanagement 5.5.0 released

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We are pleased to announce the release of Klaros Test Management 5.5.0.

In total, this feature release contains 23 new features and improvements, as well as 11 bug fixes.

Most important new features are the addition of JetBrains' issue tracker YouTrack to the list of supported issue management systems and a new rich text editor with extended functionality.

Further improvements relate to the import and export of test results. Therefore, the native import format has been enhanced to support test step results as well as embedded binary attachments. In addition, test run results can now also be exported directly in JUnit XML format.

For requirements and issue management, detailed representations and management capabilities of project relationships have been created.

The custom report editor now displays a comparison with previous report versions and allows them to be restored.

Release Notes Version 5.5.0 (12.06.2023)

New Feature:

[KLAROS-3170] - Support reverting user defined reports back to previous revisions
[KLAROS-3197] - Support the YouTrack issue tracker
[KLAROS-4738] - Add a Junit-XML compatible test result export interface
[KLAROS-4979] - Show version diffs of report template content
[KLAROS-5169] - Switch to a new editor implementation


[KLAROS-4126] - After setting the last test step result, show the 'finish test case warning dialog' only once
[KLAROS-4587] - Disable page redraw while showing the test execution dialog
[KLAROS-4954] - Improve the representation of deleted list entries
[KLAROS-5039] - Allow to remove projects from an issue or requirements management system directly on its detail page
[KLAROS-5082] - List the connected projects in the issue management and requirement management system list
[KLAROS-5088] - Update PrimeFaces to version 12.0.0
[KLAROS-5102] - When assigning an iteration to a job, changes to test environment and system under test should be possible as well and likewise propagated to the child jobs
[KLAROS-5113] - Support ui configuration parameters larger than 1024 characters
[KLAROS-5114] - Add support to search for issues by their external key
[KLAROS-5152] - Support i18n for email notifications
[KLAROS-5153] - Show the tracked issues of an issue management system in a tab on the details page
[KLAROS-5154] - Show the synchronized requirements of a requirements management system in a tab on the details page
[KLAROS-5155] - Support category descriptions when importing test case and requirement categories
[KLAROS-5156] - Unsaved new objects should be individually deletable
[KLAROS-5158] - Show a verdict icon for finished job executions on the job list page
[KLAROS-5160] - Avoid page redraws while a dialog is opened
[KLAROS-5163] - The test case step user defined properties tab on the test case result details page should only be displayed if custom test case step result properties are defined in the project
[KLAROS-5170] - Quick filtering test cases should consider test case steps

Fixed Bugs:

[KLAROS-5091] - Unable to edit category node description via dialog
[KLAROS-5142] - When editing issues, the issue management systems list should always be disabled
[KLAROS-5157] - Deleted user defined properties for test runs and test case step results should not be visible in the test runner
[KLAROS-5159] - After reassigning a project to a new notification scheme the project is still listed for the previous theme in the notification scheme table
[KLAROS-5162] - Synchronizing requirements may create orphaned external requirements which are no longer linked by any requirement
[KLAROS-5164] - Newly created users are unable to automatically change to a project by clicking on an object link when no project was ever selected before
[KLAROS-5165] - New attachement versions of synchronized requirements are created during synchronization even if the content is unchanged
[KLAROS-5171] - Unable to move a test segment instance via drag and drop in the test case step view
[KLAROS-5172] - Locking a dashboard still allows report reordering
[KLAROS-5173] - Supported namespace for requirement import / export should be "http://klaros-testmanagement.com/export-requirements-1.0"
[KLAROS-5175] - Purging a single test case is blocked although no related test case results are present