Klaros-Testmanagement 5.4.3 released

Torsten Stolpmann, modified 1 Year ago.

Klaros-Testmanagement 5.4.3 released

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We are happy to announce the availability of Klaros-Testmanagement 5.4.3.

This bug fix release improves the creation of cloned test jobs and resolves issues regarding continuing test case executions an sorting numeric columns.

Release Notes Version 5.4.3 (28.09.2022)


    [KLAROS-5099] - Allow to filter test case and test suite results after test run properties like test environment, system under test and job

Bug Fixes

    [KLAROS-5101] - Do not show a motd date on the login page when the motd is empty
    [KLAROS-5103] - Unable to sort table columns containing an item count
    [KLAROS-5104] - Mixed up test case steps while continuing a test execution