Klaros-Testmanagement version 3.1.2 released

As the most prominent feature Klaros-Testmanagement 3.1 now supports the popular Mantis Issue Tracker.

In addition, the following features have been added:
  • Test runs and individual test results now have a permanently valid URL, so that they can be linked to from other applications

    Access to these URLs can be limited to authenticated users only:

  • The quick search allows the direct navigation to individual detail pages by entering the ID of the object to look for

  • New issues will contain links to the referenced test results, and existing issues can be assigned to test cases at any time

  • The import of test result files is available directly from the GUI now and has been extended from QF-Test and JUnit files to AUnit, Boost Test, CppTest, CppUnit, Free Pascal Unit, MSTest, NUnit, PHPUnit, UnitTest++ and Tusar formats as well

  • The test runner now contains its own status log

  • The test environment is now automatically prefilled in JIRA issues

Release Notes:

Version 3.1.2 - 2010-10-28:

Fixed Bugs:

[KLAROS-1007] - The direct upgrade from 2.6.2 to 3.0.0 fails on PostgreSQL databases
[KLAROS-1002] - The direct upgrade from 2.6.2 to 3.1 fails with an "incompatible database" message


[KLAROS-1008] - Document how a Mantis URL is composed

Version 3.1.1 - 2001-10-01:

Fixed Bugs:

[KLAROS-980] - Exception when using dynamic properties and the browser back button
[KLAROS-978] - Klaros saves the wrong level for 'Component Test' and 'System Test'
[KLAROS-975] - It is possible to execute a test case or test suite without a test enviroment or system under test
[KLAROS-973] - When editing a Test Environment the browser title displays ... - Execute - ...
[KLAROS-970] - License file upload does not work with some linux distributions

Version 3.1.0 - 2010-09-01:

New Features:

[KLAROS-943] - Prefill the environment field for Jira issues
[KLAROS-941] - Issues should contain direct references to the test runs or test results which resulted in their creation
[KLAROS-938] - Support Mantis as an issue management system
[KLAROS-900] - Allow the linking of existing issues to test cases
[KLAROS-898] - Implement permalinks to test artifacts
[KLAROS-838] - Support more test result formats in the test result importer (aunit, boosttest,cppunit,fpcunit,mstest,nunit,phpunit,tusar,unittest)
[KLAROS-755] - Allow a quick access to test artifacts by entering the id

Fixed Bugs:

[KLAROS-962] - Error when using Permalink Url
[KLAROS-961] - Test Case details page not reset when switching project via selector
[KLAROS-960] - Issue Managment System validation fails for unsaved systems
[KLAROS-952] - The "Issues by Test Case" page ignores the type instead of the IMS itself
[KLAROS-947] - The field "owner" contains the wrong value for JIRA issues
[KLAROS-945] - Not able to delete an issue management system after removed it from all projects
[KLAROS-933] - Missing feedback if the connection to the issue management system fails on the runner overview page
[KLAROS-917] - Imported test runs are not immediatly visible in the UI


[KLAROS-949] - Distribute a Windows specific Tomcat installation in the Windows Klaros-Setup.exe
[KLAROS-929] - Show more information about the project in the project selection table
[KLAROS-880] - When clicking save in the test suite run window no feedback is given to the user
[KLAROS-736] - Klaros should mark the mandatory fields of an issue management system
[KLAROS-628] - Enable bookmarkable pages
[KLAROS-467] - Enable the action buttons of the maintain pages at the first keypress
[KLAROS-466] - The new DTOs should use seam instances of the DAOs

Version 3.0.4 - 2010-08-13:

Fixed Bugs:

[KLAROS-937] - Sporadic LazyInitializationExceptions when accessing the list of available issue mangement systems during issue creation
[KLAROS-934] - Steps of revisioned test cases are not cloned properly upon creation

Version 3.0.3 - 2010-08-06:

New Features:

[KLAROS-904] - Make the file upload limit configurable for different uses

Fixed Bugs:

[KLAROS-928] - When creating dynamic properties for the first time for an entity you have to log out and in again to edit the properties
[KLAROS-927] - Editing the test case results of a test suite on the summary page does not work
[KLAROS-926] - Cloning an unsaved test case causes the original test case to have no root
[KLAROS-925] - NPE when trying to clone an unsaved test suite
[KLAROS-923] - Klaros should not complain about missing steps in automated tests
[KLAROS-922] - Changing the test case state is not immediatly reflected in containing test suites
[KLAROS-920] - the list of test cases appears as dirty when newly imported tests are present
[KLAROS-916] - Imported test runs carry too long IDs
[KLAROS-912] - A single locked test case of a test suite can still be executed
[KLAROS-911] - Imported, passed test results are not correctly identified
[KLAROS-910] - Edited test cases are sometimes missing the last editor field
[KLAROS-905] - Importing a project previously exported fails because of a constraint violation
[KLAROS-903] - Error importing exported project
[KLAROS-890] - Unable to finally delete a project
[KLAROS-886] - Lower half of parameter dialog is missing at the first render attempt
[KLAROS-854] - After a project recovery you need to log out and in again to get the dashboard reports working
[KLAROS-789] - The weather report counts execution rates of previous revisions of test cases


[KLAROS-921] - Add a confirmation dialog before removing dashboard reports
[KLAROS-918] - Add navigation icons to dashlets to change the dashlet order
[KLAROS-901] - Show the result state (passed/failed/error) on the test result details page
[KLAROS-899] - The user manual should give a better insight on how to use report parameters
[KLAROS-879] - Drop down box missing label or tool tip in the test suite runner
[KLAROS-790] - Testcase-Attachments: missing content feedback while uploading

Version 3.0.2 - 2010-07-26:

Fixed Bugs:

[KLAROS-909] - Initially created dashboard reports do not refer to the active project but to the first project instead
[KLAROS-907] - Missing suite execution time attribute causes cppunit based junit import to fail
[KLAROS-906] - Data tables are not properly reset when switching between projects
[KLAROS-902] - Error when you want to change the parametertype
[KLAROS-896] - Single test run report actually shows ms instead of seconds
[KLAROS-895] - Duplicated entries for priority and execution, if the user is in role tester
[KLAROS-894] - Can not switch to test case from test suite execution start page
[KLAROS-893] - Misleading warning "this test case has no history"
[KLAROS-885] - Editing a newly created, unsaved project throws an exception
[KLAROS-874] - LDAP-User stays on login-page after successful login
[KLAROS-303] - New test cases are not displayed on the current page


[KLAROS-897] - The list of projects should have a sensible default sort order (name?, creation date?)
[KLAROS-887] - The documentation must mention the purpose of the system user concept

Version 3.0.1 - 2010-07-19:

New Features:

[KLAROS-831] - Add ".klaros/resources" to the classpath so we can access images for the reports from there

Fixed Bugs:

[KLAROS-889] - The displayed execution time for test suites is showing wrong values
[KLAROS-888] - Wrong classpath settings for tomcat

Version 3.0.0 - 2010-07-16:

New Features:

[KLAROS-853] - Add support for Oracle DB
[KLAROS-773] - Test case result attachments should be accessible from the GUI
[KLAROS-737] - Allow the administrator to restore deleted/deactivated projects
[KLAROS-410] - Create a Test Report Document
[KLAROS-409] - Create a Test Plan Document
[KLAROS-406] - Add Excel export functionality to displayed data tables

Fixed Bugs:

[KLAROS-884] - It is possible to select a disabled project for usage
[KLAROS-883] - Startup error with prior database
[KLAROS-882] - Crash when purging a project
[KLAROS-881] - Crash when importing an project without deleting it before
[KLAROS-873] - no feedback if login fails
[KLAROS-872] - Test LDAP Access fails, when settings have not been saved
[KLAROS-871] - EMail-config: setting sender address gives NullPointerException
[KLAROS-866] - the text field for the issue management URL is too small in IE 8
[KLAROS-865] - Dropdownbox for Issue Management Selection ist too small
[KLAROS-864] - NPE in log when importing an exported project
[KLAROS-859] - Some "New" buttons are not placed on the left side
[KLAROS-857] - After crashing klaros because of too many words in the description i cannot edit the test case anymore
[KLAROS-856] - Problem with too large test case descriptions
[KLAROS-852] - Manual mentiones wrong URL to hibernate jdbc-Property docs
[KLAROS-844] - Konqueror on CentOS 5.5 crashes on user management
[KLAROS-843] - The Klaros installer displays funny characters in the Release Notes on linux (with LANG=en_US.UTF-8)
[KLAROS-839] - The save button is still disabled after updating the description
[KLAROS-837] - After the export the list of projects is empty
[KLAROS-836] - Saving an new Issue management system does not work
[KLAROS-835] - Current password field is missing
[KLAROS-830] - Test case result execution time is still reflected in seconds in the UI.
[KLAROS-828] - "Discard" and "Save" buttons of the confirmation popup are not working.
[KLAROS-826] - The status message and the popup are different.
[KLAROS-825] - An icon has 4 different tooltips.
[KLAROS-824] - "Next page" and "Previous page" tooltips are twisted
[KLAROS-823] - It is possible to execute HTML in some input fields
[KLAROS-821] - Projects can not be recovered
[KLAROS-815] - Missing message resource on the Dashboard
[KLAROS-814] - Sometimes the choosen language gets reset if the user presses the refresh button of the browser or changes the category
[KLAROS-805] - The dropdown box "Status" on "Define --> Maintain Test Case" is always English
[KLAROS-795] - Managers editing their password are downgraded to tester role
[KLAROS-794] - Display Error for dashboard report dialogs using Chrome
[KLAROS-793] - Testsuite Overview does not ignore disabled/deleted test suites
[KLAROS-792] - TestCaseResults.jspx @564,89 value="#{element.testRun.env.description}": Property 'description' not found
[KLAROS-785] - Step detection for test cases inside test suites is not working
[KLAROS-776] - Unable to save edited preconditions
[KLAROS-774] - Duplicated test cases carry no created/lastupdated entry.
[KLAROS-771] - Trying to save back multiple changes - spread over several lines of a table - will only save the recently touched line
[KLAROS-764] - Application creates useless file "no-data"
[KLAROS-754] - The Dashboard is not picking up newly created SUTs
[KLAROS-752] - Problem with the row count after upgrading klaros from 2.4.0 to 2.6.3
[KLAROS-751] - The redmine integration is incompatible with the current stable version 0.9.4 of redmine
[KLAROS-749] - The save button is not enabled if the user updates a step
[KLAROS-740] - Warning message when installing the application a second time in the same directory
[KLAROS-739] - The input selector for revisions is not rendered correctly on some pages using IE 7
[KLAROS-738] - Bugzilla issues have an empty id field on the evaluation page
[KLAROS-454] - The KlarosList is not working in the JasperReports template files.


[KLAROS-863] - Importing the same project for a second time overwrites the first one without warning
[KLAROS-860] - Change the layout to a modern look & feel
[KLAROS-855] - New Button in wrong position on Maintain test cases -> steps
[KLAROS-847] - The "Maintain Projects" page is confusing
[KLAROS-816] - The dot at the end of a tooltip must be removed.
[KLAROS-812] - The dot at the end of a sentence is missing
[KLAROS-806] - The difference between the two columns is not clear
[KLAROS-787] - The start date for the test run history report should use a sensible default value
[KLAROS-786] - The 'Create Issue' button should only be active if an issue management system is defined for the current project
[KLAROS-784] - If possible change Tab order for manual testcase execution dialogs
[KLAROS-783] - Open the testcase description on the Run Single Test Case page per default
[KLAROS-777] - Provide the test case/suite name in the headline when editing a test case/suite
[KLAROS-772] - LDAP authentication should be configurable as the default authentication schema
[KLAROS-770] - Disable the session timeout for long running task (import/export/migration)
[KLAROS-769] - Create a connection between the menu on the left side and the four icons to click
[KLAROS-768] - Move the add parameters section for groovy scripts below the checkbox
[KLAROS-767] - the label " is the script parameterized?" should be changed into "add parameters" or "script has parameters"
[KLAROS-761] - Display help message after clicking on the edit project icon and no bugtrackers are defined
[KLAROS-756] - Adjust the count of test cases and steps to show the completed entries instead of the current one
[KLAROS-750] - white box in Tabs when selecting "Testf lle verwalten"
[KLAROS-747] - Translate the enum strings to the user language for the seam-pdf templates
[KLAROS-743] - The deletion of attachments must trigger a confirmation dialog
[KLAROS-742] - Disable startup error messages due to failing session persistence deserialization
[KLAROS-741] - If there is only one environment available, it should be autoselected by the dashboard reports
[KLAROS-524] - Show more information of a test run
[KLAROS-486] - Add a discard changes (and proceed) button to the save changes dialog in the testcases overview page
[KLAROS-474] - Start the browser with the Klaros URL upon installation
[KLAROS-374] - Provide more user guidance in the testplan results pages
[KLAROS-312] - Combine the project maintainance and the project selection page to a single page
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RE: Klaros-Testmanagement version 3.1 released
9/2/10 4:32 PM as a reply to Torsten Stolpmann.
Torsten Stolpmann:
As the most prominent feature Klaros-Testmanagement 3.1 now supports the popular Mantis Issue Tracker.

Congratulations on the new integration. Out of curiousity, how are you interacting with Mantis ( SOAP/DB access/ Import-Export ) ?
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RE: Klaros-Testmanagement version 3.1 released
9/2/10 4:49 PM as a reply to Robert Munteanu.
Congratulations on the new integration. Out of curiousity, how are you interacting with Mantis ( SOAP/DB access/ Import-Export ) ?

Hi Robert,

we are using the Mantis Connect SOAP interface.


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