Klaros-Testmanagement 5.3.0 released

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Klaros-Testmanagement 5.3.0 released

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We are happy to announce the availability of Klaros-Testmanagement 5.3.0. This is a major release that includes a total of 25 new features, improvements and bug fixes.

New features include:

Bulk options for external systems
Multiple issue management systems and requirements management systems can now be edited and deleted at once. Additionally, administrators can bulk restore or purge external systems.

Details pages for external systems
All Issue management systems and requirements management systems now have their own individual details pages where the linked projects and the change history is displayed. Attachments can now also be uploaded from these pages.

Support for alternate keys for the REST-API
We've expanded the ways that objects (test cases, results, et al.) of a single project can be retrieved via the REST-API:

  • Get all objects of a type by project id (e.g. P00001)
  • Get a single object by project id and object id (e.g. TCR00001)
  • Get a single object by internal project id (e.g. fe490559-2d0d-4d4d-8905-592d0d5d4db5) and object id

Speed up loading of large object lists via the REST-API
The REST-API has been significantly optimized. In addition to that, deleted objects are no longer transferred when requesting lists of objects.

Speed up loading of overview reports
The reports on the overview tabs of all details pages have been optimized to load faster.

Release Notes Version 5.3.0 (05.11.2021)

New features
[KLAROS-4885] - Allow to access objects via alternate keys in the resource API
[KLAROS-4866] - Add bulk options for external systems
[KLAROS-4865] - Add details pages for external systems

[KLAROS-4800] - Add a purge option for issue management systems and requirement management systems
[KLAROS-4861] - Improve loading speed for the reports on the overview pages
[KLAROS-4879] - Speed up loading of large object lists via the REST API
[KLAROS-4887] - Do not load deleted objects when retrieving data via the REST API
[KLAROS-4888] - Deleting a report template should display its name in the status message
[KLAROS-4907] - The bulk edit dialog should enforce size restrictions on string input fields
[KLAROS-4910] - Protect the pre-5.0 repository migration against outdated Java installations

Fixed Bugs
[KLAROS-4445] - Contradicting results for executed test cases
[KLAROS-4878] - Property.getResolvedValue fails for text properties
[KLAROS-4882] - Moving steps using drag and drop interchanges the steps instead of moving them
[KLAROS-4889] - Duplicating a report templates creates two duplicates
[KLAROS-4890] - Attachment import creates new revisions of existing attachments for multiple uploads of he same attachment
[KLAROS-4891] - Migration fails from 4.x to Klaros 5.1.0 or higher if deleted results with attachments are present
[KLAROS-4892] - Pasting text into text fields may require a second attempt to finally succeed
[KLAROS-4893] - The 'mandatory' field is not moved when dragging and dropping report template parameters
[KLAROS-4896] - Broken layout for inconclusive result verdict count in the test run report
[KLAROS-4897] - Error while producing a conflict resolution after saving a test case with removed attachments
[KLAROS-4898] - Uploaded test segment steps attachments will be assigned to the test segment instead of the test segment step
[KLAROS-4899] - The Type / System field in the bulk edit dialog for issue/requirements management systems should be a drop-down menu instead of a text field
[KLAROS-4903] - Unable to delete test step and test segment step attachments
[KLAROS-4909] - Impossible to remove issues from test cases
[KLAROS-4911] - Problems migrating attachments from Klaros 4 installations