Klaros-Testmanagement 5.1.1 released

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Klaros-Testmanagement 5.1.1 released

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We are happy to announce the availability of Klaros-Testmanagement 5.1.1. This is a maintenance release that includes a total of 33 new features, improvements and bug fixes.

New features include:

Bulk edit mode for test runs
The bulk edit mode is now available for test runs. Multiple test runs can be edited, deleted or printed at once. This feature is also available on the "Execute - Continue Test Run" page.

Drag and drop support for attachments
Uploading attachments to test cases or other objects is easier than ever. Simply drag and drop files onto the upload dialog to upload them. This even works for multiple files at once.

User defined attributes for test case results
Test case results can now have user defined attributes. These can be set during test case execution or afterwards on the test case result details page.

Easier to assign requirements to iterations
Requirements can now be assigned to iterations from the requirement details page. This was previously only possible from the iteration details page.

Allow users to assign their test runs to other users
Testers that are currently executing a test run can assign it to another tester. Manager accounts are also able to reassign test runs.

Release Notes

Version 5.1.1 (27.07.2021)

New features

[KLAROS-4775] - Implement a bulk edit mode for the continue test runs page
[KLAROS-4749] - Bulk edit mode for test runs
[KLAROS-1223] - Add drag and drop support to upload attachments or other binary data

[KLAROS-4826] - Support category information on XML backup/restore of projects
[KLAROS-4824] - Allow editing custom test report fields on the report list page
[KLAROS-4823] - Add current project and current user information when validating custom reports before saving
[KLAROS-4811] - Allow to display and upload test case (step) result attachments from the test suite runner summary page
[KLAROS-4807] - Show the number of defined parameters on the custom report details page tab header
[KLAROS-4802] - Support user defined attributes on test case results
[KLAROS-4790] - Reduce overall memory usage of loaded database objects
[KLAROS-4774] - Display both assignee and executor for test runs
[KLAROS-4757] - Hide the unset fields of test steps in test segment instances
[KLAROS-4068] - Allow users to assign their test runs to other users
[KLAROS-2480] - Add an "Iterations" tab to the requirement details page

Fixed Bugs
[KLAROS-4831] - Fix MSSQL datetime handling in the liquibase migration
[KLAROS-4829] - Unable to delete a parent job from the parent job details page
[KLAROS-4820] - Failed migration to version 5.1.0
[KLAROS-4816] - Report icons should be disabled for deleted test runs
[KLAROS-4815] - The execute icon remains still active for deleted jobs
[KLAROS-4814] - Actions enabled on the details page of deleted objects
[KLAROS-4812] - Non-persistent report parameters are deleted if the validation fails
[KLAROS-4810] - Error during Liqubase migration: DELETE on table 'K_TC_CATEGORY_NODE' caused a violation of foreign key constraint 'FK_61SH7C1U88NS27PNFA0EANOEQ'
[KLAROS-4809] - The insert step attachment dialog labels test case attachments as test segment attachments and vice versa
[KLAROS-4808] - Unable to save list and multi list parameter values for custom reports
[KLAROS-4805] - Exception when bulk delete report templates if unsaved templates are present
[KLAROS-4803] - Missing custom property values in the model classes
[KLAROS-4798] - Glossary not present in the tutorial document
[KLAROS-4793] - Requirement synchronization should skip requirement cration or update if a referenced user defined field is not defined
[KLAROS-4792] - Unable to render a custom report with a blank name
[KLAROS-4786] - Impossible to create new report templates by pressing the 'New' button
[KLAROS-4770] - Exception when trying to open the test run details page on the continue test run page
[KLAROS-4768] - Exception while moving any dialog on the test case steps page
[KLAROS-4765] - The Requirements XML Sync Service fails if user defined properties are referenced in the import file