Klaros-Testmanagement 4.11.1 released

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Klaros-Testmanagement 4.11.1 released

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Version 4.11.1 of Klaros-Testmanagement is now available. This hotfix release fixes an issue where the order of test cases is not displayed correctly while editing a test suite.

Version 4.11.0 focuses on numerous improvements in user interface behavior and page render speed for large data sets.

Klaros-Testmanagement is a web application for the administration, execution and evaluation of software tests and the planning and control of quality assurance tasks. The software has been available since 2009 and can be used both as a server installation and as a cloud variant. A free of charge Community Edition is available.

Release Notes

Version 4.11.1 (16.05.2019)

Fixed Bugs

[KLAROS-4164] - The order of test cases on the test suite details page is wrong

Version 4.11.0 (10.05.2019)

New Features

[KLAROS-1883] - Measure and save the duration of individual test steps
[KLAROS-3578] - Make changes to user defined fields visible in the history tab
[KLAROS-4138] - Consistent back-button navigation behavior for detail pages when crossing section boundaries


[KLAROS-3355] - Support left/right navigation on the test run, test case result and test suite result details pages
[KLAROS-3997] - Bulk adding test cases to a test suite should be possible if the test suite has unsaved changes
[KLAROS-3998] - Adding multiple test cases at once to a test suite should not immediately save the test suite
[KLAROS-4084] - Speed up the loading of list pages
[KLAROS-4103] - Introduce a bulk delete option for user defined field definitions
[KLAROS-4104] - Prevent background synchronization of issues from deactivated issue management systems
[KLAROS-4107] - On the test case details page, if no test segments are available, hide the buttons to add test segments
[KLAROS-4109] - Center the test runner in relation to the browser window
[KLAROS-4110] - Allow to navigate to results, steps and test case detail pages from the test suite and test case execution view
[KLAROS-4114] - Add an option to hide disabled issue and requirements management systems
[KLAROS-4118] - Do not display a revision selector on the overview tab of a details page if only one revision is available
[KLAROS-4120] - Show a message in the status bar if an administrator tries to save a user that has no 'full name' set
[KLAROS-4121] - Add encrypted password storage to the Klaros-Testmanagement Jenkins plugin
[KLAROS-4131] - Support the Jira 'Sprint' field for issue and requirements synchronization
[KLAROS-4135] - Add a estimated duration field to the test case properties
[KLAROS-4153] - Improve test automation result import for various formats (aunit, cpptestunit, ctest, cunit, fpcunit, googletest, gtester, mbunit, mstest, nunit, phpunit, qtestlib, unittest, valgrind, xunitdotnet)
[KLAROS-4154] - Speed up the loading of synchronizable objects when switching between 'copy' and 'synchronize' on the project details page
[KLAROS-4155] - Allow to filter test cases for the number of covered requirements and vice versa
[KLAROS-4156] - Speed up the creation of Jira issues

Fixed Bugs

[KLAROS-3621] - After creating a new revision of a test case, the navigation arrows are no longer responding until navigating back to the test cases list page
[KLAROS-4091] - Impossible to purge projects that are linked to an external issue or requirements management system
[KLAROS-4116] - Unable to add multiple attachments to an object without intermediately saving it
[KLAROS-4136] - On the projects list page, deactivate the links in the item count information columns (Iterations, Requirements) for new, unsaved projects
[KLAROS-4160] - Suppress the custom field type enumeration until the Redmine Mylyn Plugin supports the access to field values