Klaros-Testmanagement 4.10 released

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Klaros-Testmanagement 4.10 released

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Version 4.10 of Klaros-Testmanagement is now available. This release focuses on numerous improvements in integration with defect management systems and load and performance testing tools.

Klaros-Testmanagement is a web application for the administration, execution and evaluation of software tests and the planning and control of quality assurance tasks. The software has been available since 2009 and can be used both as a server installation and as a cloud variant. A free of charge Community Edition is available.

In this first new release in 2019 the development team has focused on the expanding the interaction with externally connected tools. Brand new interfaces to the defect management in the GitLab software and to load and performance test tools such as JMeter and related tools have been created.

When working with the integrated bug trackers, the ease of use and the range of functions have been extended.

The most important new features in this version are:

Integration with GitLab
Klaros-Testmanagement is now integrating with GitLab, the open-source web application for version management of software projects based on Git, another widely used tool. Detected issues can be created directly in GitLab during test execution. If the error is corrected, the data displayed in Klaros is automatically updated. You do not have to leave the application to do this.

Extended support when working with MantisBT and JIRA

Further field types have been added for equivalent mapping of issues in both systems. Current and complete information is thus available to all teams equally.

The interaction with the connected requirement management and defect management systems has been revised. In addition you can now also access the assigned issues directly from individual test results. Login data is now stored permanently encrypted so re-authentication is not necessary.

Integration with load and performance test tools (Apache JMeter, BlazeMeter, SmartMeter, OctoPerf)

When importing test results from test automation tools, result files of Apache JMeter, BlazeMeter, SmartMeter and OctoPerf can now also be imported directly. The results from the performance tests are stored in Klaros-Testmanagement and can be evaluated together with the functional test results during report generation.

Smooth synchronization with external systems

When sharing test cases and test suites across project boundaries, the synchronization behavior has been optimized and accelerated. This also applies to updating data from requirements and issue management systems.

In total the release contains about 40 improvements and bug fixes. As usual, details are available in the release notes:

Release Notes

Version 4.10.0 (12.02.2019)

New Features

[KLAROS-3832] - Support GitLab as an issue management system
[KLAROS-4019] - Add support for importing JMeter result files
[KLAROS-4087] - Store the last successful issue tracker credential used per user and issue tracker instance and reuse it across user sessions


[KLAROS-3601] - Improve issue visibility and issue maintenance on test case result views
[KLAROS-4040] - Extend the job filter options to include 'test environment' and 'system under test'
[KLAROS-4046] - Add filter and sort options for requirements systems and issue management systems
[KLAROS-4049] - Add an assignee field to the create and edit Jira issue page
[KLAROS-4057] - Add a button to switch between all test suites and only executed test suites on the test suite results page
[KLAROS-4058] - Show non executed test suites on the test suite results page
[KLAROS-4062] - Allow testers to continue test runs that have not been started via a job
[KLAROS-4067] - Show an error message if a user tries to authenticate with a wrong password upon starting a database migration
[KLAROS-4075] - Update the supported Mantis issue tracker field set
[KLAROS-4086] - Deleting an issue should be possible from the system under test side

Fixed Bugs

[KLAROS-4002] - When assigning a test execution job with an unfinished test run to a different tester the test run is not properly picked up and a new test run is started instead
[KLAROS-4016] - Unable to update issue on GitHub
[KLAROS-4037] - Error while exporting selected tables to CSV Format
[KLAROS-4038] - When exporting the list of linked issues of a test case or a sut as an excel list, the column "System" is always empty
[KLAROS-4039] - Unable to filter test suites results for duration
[KLAROS-4042] - If a system under test or test environment has no name set, it doesn't appear on the results or issue lists
[KLAROS-4044] - The "is set" and "is not set" filter options do not work as intended
[KLAROS-4050] - The global setting "Test Runner starts in tabular view" is not applied to new users
[KLAROS-4052] - The lists of sort fields for test cases and results contain several entries that don't belong there
[KLAROS-4053] - If an attachment can not be referenced ("Error-Attachment not found"), then all following references in this step will fail with the same message "Error-Attachment not found"
[KLAROS-4054] - User defined fields are not considered when individually updating a synchronized test case or test suite
[KLAROS-4055] - Synchronizing a test case or test suite with multiple revisions should not modify the version numbers of its attachments
[KLAROS-4061] - On a details page, if a revision has an attachment in an older version, switching to that revision enables the save button
[KLAROS-4065] - Executing a job without setting a result immediately sets its status to 'closed'
[KLAROS-4069] - After filtering a table via the quicksearch bar, double clicking the reset button marks all filtered table entries as changed
[KLAROS-4071] - The project import fails if the import file contains a project that is linked to a RMS and that RMS has a property is linked to a user defined enumeration property of the project
[KLAROS-4076] - Pressing the 'Show Newest Only' button on the test case result pages doesn't filter the results properly
[KLAROS-4077] - Problem with bulk editing test suites
[KLAROS-4080] - Unable to cancel delete test run(s) dialog
[KLAROS-4088] - Updating a synchronized test suite that has a test case in a new revision does not synchronize the new test case revision
[KLAROS-4089] - Attachments are not transferred to Klaros when synchronizing with an external RMS
[KLAROS-4096] - Re-executing test cases will not always pick up the correct job for re-execution if the last test case execution was bound to a job
[KLAROS-4098] - Irregular rendering of test verdict selection under current Chrome browsers
[KLAROS-4099] - Excel export icon styling error in the test runner window

Release Notes for previous versions can be found here: https://www.klaros-testmanagement.com/forum/-/message_boards/category/11742