Klaros-Testmanagement 4.8.4 released

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Klaros-Testmanagement 4.8.4 released

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We are pleased to announce the release of Klaros-Testmanagement version 4.8.4.

This hotfix release adds 11 improvements and 32 stability fixes. It contains major improvements for the job and test suite result list pages and fixes problems with Jira requirement synchronisation and other minor issues.

The 4.8 release introduces reusable test step segments and the ability to share test cases and test suites across project boundaries as well as adding support for UFT/QTP test automation results (HPE Unified Functional Testing / HP QuickTest Professional).

Share test cases and test suites across project boundaries

Test cases can now be managed and maintained centrally in one project and shared across several different test projects. The changes to the source test cases can be selectively synchronized in the participating projects.

Reusable test step segments

A test case usually consists of several test steps that are processed in sequence. To avoid redundancy when entering test steps for each test case, common test steps can now be combined into test segments. These are now managed as additional elements in test projects.

Detailed test step change history

The test case history has been extended by further information, and the changes to the individual test steps can be displayed in more detail.

Extended categorization view

For categorized objects, the categorization information is now directly visible and changeable on the related objects.

Support for UFT/QTP test automation results (HPE Unified Functional Testing / HP QuickTest Professional

Test results from Unified Functional Testing (UFT) / Quick Test Professional (QTP) can now be imported and further processed.

Version 4.8.4


[KLAROS-3678] - Avoid external image resources in custom reports
[KLAROS-3687] - Allow to synchronize test suites when running the test suite
[KLAROS-3690] - When bulk editing jobs allow to set the assigned iteration of the jobs
[KLAROS-3704] - Improve the documentation regarding user defined properties handling during test case import
[KLAROS-3718] - Improve the logging and error handling for background synchronization
[KLAROS-3724] - The test cases table on the requirement details page should not show an icon in the info column if a test case is not executable
[KLAROS-3733] - Before each requirements synchronisation, synchronize if any fields on the remote side have been added, modified or deleted
[KLAROS-3744] - Allow single clone and single delete actions in list pages when the filter or categorization panel is open
[KLAROS-3747] - Speed up access to test suite and test suite result lists
[KLAROS-3748] - Add a button to the test case results page that allows switching between results of only the active iteration and all results
[KLAROS-3754] - Improve job list performance


[KLAROS-3638] - Blank id field in test suite revisions
[KLAROS-3648] - Potential problem while deleting external requirement enumeration property links
[KLAROS-3661] - When listing test case results per test case for an active iteration limited to executed test cases empty entries are shown for test cases that are executed outside of the iteration
[KLAROS-3665] - Filtering for latest results of an iteration on the test case results page includes results from other iterations
[KLAROS-3667] - Deleting revisionable objects like test cases or test suites should disable all previous revisions even if they already contain results
[KLAROS-3672] - Adding new revisions to synchronized test cases or test suites does not trigger their inclusion in the synchronization list for cross project synchronization
[KLAROS-3679] - For test cases with test segments, the wrong number of steps is initially displayed on the list page
[KLAROS-3685] - Exception while showing the change history of a synchronized test case before updating it
[KLAROS-3686] - Test segment steps can not be deleted
[KLAROS-3692] - Bookmarked pages can not be anonymously accessed for project with enabled anonymous access and restricted project member access
[KLAROS-3697] - The table of test cases on the test segment detail page is always empty
[KLAROS-3699] - Pressing the bulk "Assign selected jobs to an iteration" button opens up a popup that is missing the "drop" button if one or more jobs in the list have unsaved changes
[KLAROS-3700] - Unable to display the user occupation chart
[KLAROS-3702] - The css style for print page text breaks text at characters instead of words
[KLAROS-3703] - When deleting test segments, they are not automatically removed from test cases
[KLAROS-3707] - The system must not try to save user specific table properties when no user is authenticated
[KLAROS-3708] - Exception after navigating to a test case or test suite details page via bookmark link and starting a review without a login
[KLAROS-3709] - The show project details icon must not be present on browse pages
[KLAROS-3711] - Filtering and sorting on some pages (e.g. Run Test Suite/Test Case) is applied only after a manual refresh
[KLAROS-3715] - Potential connection leak for database connection parameter views
[KLAROS-3717] - Unable to load history entries for projects that have their requirements management system changed
[KLAROS-3720] - Insert test segment action buttons are available in the community edition
[KLAROS-3722] - When copying requirements or test segments from a project to another project no new object ID is created
[KLAROS-3727] - Requirements management synchronization fails if an already synchronized requirement is missing a user defined property definition value
[KLAROS-3728] - Deleted user defined properties still visible in the manual test runner test case display
[KLAROS-3732] - Exception when trying to open the project details page via the quick select bar on the top
[KLAROS-3738] - Do not delete linked remote RMS properties if the connection cannot be established
[KLAROS-3740] - Switching the display sections with unsaved new projects may fire an additional superfluous save dialog when returning to the project list page
[KLAROS-3741] - Trying to sort test cases by test suite throws an exception because is not supported
[KLAROS-3742] - The custom test run report should not require a start date to be set
[KLAROS-3749] - Always limit job due date and start date information to full minutes
[KLAROS-3750] - Unable to filter users by role attribute

Version 4.8.3


[KLAROS-3670] - On the 'my jobs' page, jobs should be sorted first by project ID and following by job ID
[KLAROS-3673] - The synchronization mode for inter-project object transfer should be reflected in the transfer action button text
[KLAROS-3674] - Suppression of already synchronized objects should be reflected in the displayed object count of the tab header of this object


[KLAROS-3669] - Duplicate label in the state change bulk edit dialog
[KLAROS-3676] - Database migration to 4.8.2 may fail to re-add test case steps

Version 4.8.2

New Features

[KLAROS-3495] - Allow to send bulk emails to users from an administrator account
[KLAROS-3602] - Support synchronization of test suites between projects
[KLAROS-3603] - Extend the 'my jobs' view to cover jobs from all projects
[KLAROS-3623] - Allow to set of user defined properties of test segments per test case reference


[KLAROS-2731] - Support the fitnesse result format
[KLAROS-3227] - Filtering date fields should properly handle set and unset dates
[KLAROS-3549] - Add an option to bulk delete test suite results including their test runs and test case results
[KLAROS-3600] - Track changes on attachments in the Changes tab
[KLAROS-3612] - Allow easier renaming of attachments in the attachments tab
[KLAROS-3615] - Show the list of test cases which include the test segment on the test segment details page
[KLAROS-3617] - Detail pages of deleted objects shall not be editable and show the fact that the object has been deleted
[KLAROS-3620] - List the Klaros version and OS name in the generated log file name.
[KLAROS-3624] - Allow to edit the resolved state type information on the issue management details edit dialog
[KLAROS-3627] - Allow to directly access custom property values in the Model API
[KLAROS-3632] - Support filtering test runs for test suites and test cases
[KLAROS-3634] - Drop all remaining test run locks for a user upon successful login
[KLAROS-3635] - Display Database product information on the overview page
[KLAROS-3636] - Force wrap output of large non-whitespace strings on print pages
[KLAROS-3637] - Do not generally enforce entering content in the estimate field when creating Redmine issues
[KLAROS-3646] - Mark the duration field in the log work dialog for jobs as mandatory
[KLAROS-3647] - Document the auto sync feature for enumeration values during requirement synchronization
[KLAROS-3652] - The UFT/QTP test result format detection should be more selective about the input it matches
[KLAROS-3653] - The PhpUnit test result format detection should be more selective about the input it matches
[KLAROS-3654] - The GoogleTest test result format detection should be more selective about the input it matches
[KLAROS-3656] - Add a top paginator to to history entry page list
[KLAROS-3658] - Support assigning test suite names of single test suite result import files
[KLAROS-3659] - Create a job work item when manually importing a test result file from a job execution
[KLAROS-3664] - Improve the time tracking and reopening behavior for jobs of type task


[KLAROS-3247] - While creating multiple notification schemes, the order of the schemes in the table changes when the focus changes
[KLAROS-3326] - Unable to rename an attachment to a name of a previously deleted attachment
[KLAROS-3456] - The number of results on the "Test Suite Results" and "Run Test Suite" pages are not increased after a run in which the last test case has been permanently skipped
[KLAROS-3579] - Minimizing and maximizing test steps does not influence test steps in test segments
[KLAROS-3589] - Changes in the names of test case attachments in the source project are not properly detected for synchronized test cases in the target project
[KLAROS-3591] - When synchronizing before executing a synchronized test case in an older revision, the message "Newer revisions of this object are available" is always shown
[KLAROS-3595] - The "hide synchronized" filter on the synchronize objects tab of the transfer objects page doesn't work if any test case from the list is selected
[KLAROS-3597] - Exception when trying to open the transfer objects tab for a project that has a test case with an out-of-date-revision test segment
[KLAROS-3598] - Hide the "Show all" button on the transfer objects tab if the Copy mode is selected
[KLAROS-3599] - Exception when copying a test case with an out-of-date-revision test segment into another project
[KLAROS-3604] - Unable to import test cases via Excel
[KLAROS-3605] - Vanishing prior selections on table page change on the execute/generate jobs pages
[KLAROS-3606] - Synchronizing already synchronized test cases should be prevented
[KLAROS-3607] - Deleted test case results should not trigger the display of a test case in the list of test cases with show results only filter active on the test case result page
[KLAROS-3608] - The presence of a test case with only empty test segments may inhibit the completion of a test suite run
[KLAROS-3610] - Race condition in test execution window closing may lead to locked test runs
[KLAROS-3611] - Spurious error creating Redmine issues
[KLAROS-3614] - Exception when the 'changes' tab is opened if an unsaved test case step or test segment step is present
[KLAROS-3619] - Unable to match already existing external issue during backup file import
[KLAROS-3621] - After creating a new revision of a test case the navigation arrows are no longer responding for that object until reloaded from the list of test cases
[KLAROS-3625] - Problem while attempting to edit an unsaved new project
[KLAROS-3629] - The Klaros Object Model API method isDefinedProperty() does not work as expected
[KLAROS-3630] - Unable to complete a test suite execution where every test case step has been permanently skipped
[KLAROS-3631] - Test case description does not word wrap on the test case print page
[KLAROS-3638] - Blank id field in test suite revisions
[KLAROS-3645] - Unable to import several projects at once which reference the same external requirement management system
[KLAROS-3655] - Unable to import JUnit test case results with very large error message sections
[KLAROS-3657] - Do not skip a test suite id when creating test suites from test cases

Version 4.8.1


[KLAROS-3563] - Allow to filter test cases in regard to the number of issues assigned to the test case
[KLAROS-3574] - Add an option to explicitly filter for non-synchronized test cases on the synchronize objects tab on the project details page
[KLAROS-3575] - Allow to synchronize test cases from other projects from the start test case and start test suite execution dialogs
[KLAROS-3577] - The test case synchronization dialog should display the fact that a new revision is available
[KLAROS-3580] - Included test segments should be directly navigable from the test step editor
[KLAROS-3588] - Allow to select previous revisions of test segments when editing test case steps


[KLAROS-3556] - A test case deleted in the source project is propagating its deletion flag to the target project during test case synchronisation
[KLAROS-3557] - When synchronizing and cloning the same test case with multiple revisions to another project, duplicate IDs get generated
[KLAROS-3558] - The revision comments of synchronized test cases should not be editble
[KLAROS-3559] - Updates for synchronized test cases are not visible when test case steps of an included test segment have been edited
[KLAROS-3562] - On the test case list and details pages, show if a synchronized test case has a newer revision in the source project
[KLAROS-3564] - Foreign key names for test segment tables collide with previous test step table foreign key names
[KLAROS-3565] - Test step migration is not clearing reused large string references when deleting orphaned deprecated test steps
[KLAROS-3566] - Logins should be inhibited during a running database migration
[KLAROS-3567] - The test case results listed for specific objects shows the test run executor where the test result author would be expected
[KLAROS-3569] - Missing large string field entries in the xml backup output file
[KLAROS-3570] - Changes in past and future revisions of a test case are not visible on synchronized test cases depending on that test case
[KLAROS-3571] - Changes to user defined properties are not properly detected for synchronized test cases
[KLAROS-3572] - User defined property values are not transferred when synchronizing a test case from the details page or the test cases list
[KLAROS-3581] - Transferring test cases to another project should add newly created enum values of user defined properties of this test case to the target project
[KLAROS-3582] - Exception when saving overly large values for test segment properties
[KLAROS-3583] - Exception when opening the revisions tab of revisionable objects other than test cases
[KLAROS-3584] - Newly uploaded attchments of test segments disappear after saving the test segment
[KLAROS-3587] - Newly created user defined fields in the source project do not trigger updates of synchronized test cases in the target project

Version 4.8.0

New Features

[KLAROS-3325] - Allow to view and access category information from the detail page of a categorized object
[KLAROS-3500] - Introduce test segments, which act as a container for test steps and can be reused in any number of test cases
[KLAROS-3510] - Save and display the history of single test steps
[KLAROS-3513] - Allow to share test cases between different projects
[KLAROS-3518] - Support Unified Functional Testing (UFT) / QuickTest Professional (QTP) result files for result import


[KLAROS-3367] - The status of jobs with permantly skipped test cases should be set to resolved after executing all other testcases
[KLAROS-3442] - Display the number of assigned test cases of a job and all of its child jobs
[KLAROS-3497] - Show the number of test case steps on the 'Generate Jobs from Test Cases' page
[KLAROS-3501] - Sort the attributes in the bulk edit dialogs by name
[KLAROS-3506] - The list of jobs of a single test case or test suite should be limited to the active iteration if one is selected
[KLAROS-3515] - Allow to configure the synchronization intervals for requirements and issues
[KLAROS-3522] - When continuing a test run, show previously uploaded attachments in the runner
[KLAROS-3523] - Jobs which are solely referring locked or skip test cases should not be shown as executable
[KLAROS-3531] - List the last editor of a test result as the executing user of this result
[KLAROS-3535] - The "Copy" button on the Copy Objects tab should only be acticve if at least one object to copy has been selected
[KLAROS-3539] - Increase the displayed lines of a test step input field


[KLAROS-3089] - Switching the current project does not reset active detail pages in inactive sections
[KLAROS-3169] - Newly assigned categories of an object are not visible on the print page until a renewed login
[KLAROS-3280] - Switching projects while on the reports dashboard doesn't refresh the health matrix report
[KLAROS-3281] - Opening or closing the project selector in the top bar while on an overview page or the reports dashboard messes up the health matrix report
[KLAROS-3411] - The selected iteration is not considered when generating some of the reports on the dashboard
[KLAROS-3433] - Exception: Navigating to first root of empty model
[KLAROS-3436] - Exception after deleting all category groups
[KLAROS-3460] - Attachments that are uploaded at the end of a test case execution are not saved
[KLAROS-3476] - Copied objects are not immediately shown in the last recently opened category tree
[KLAROS-3481] - NonUniqueObjectException when importing a project with an assigned RMS and linked enum properties
[KLAROS-3482] - TransientObjectException when importing a project with an assigned RMS and linked text properties
[KLAROS-3483] - Requirements in a non-editable state are editable via bulk options
[KLAROS-3484] - Possible to add data to a job in a non editable-state on the job details page
[KLAROS-3489] - Job details page marked as dirty after re-executing a job
[KLAROS-3490] - A newly created test execution job is not reflected immediately in the job list of the corresponding test detail page
[KLAROS-3499] - Broken handling of test case step shadows while exporting projects
[KLAROS-3502] - If the bulk new revision option is used, while the list of objects has an unsaved change, pressing the 'save' button doesn't save
[KLAROS-3504] - Missing cache invalidation after bulk editing user defined properties
[KLAROS-3507] - Settings for interactive test result import parameters are not properly propagated until changed in the system settings
[KLAROS-3508] - Existing test cases are not properly added to automatically created test suites at initial test suite creation when importing automated test results
[KLAROS-3514] - Fix the Userpicker implementation for Jira custom user fields
[KLAROS-3519] - Unable to filter test cases for their assigned state
[KLAROS-3524] - Missing journal entry timestamps for initially created testsuites during imports
[KLAROS-3525] - Switching projects does not reset the lists of assigned systems under test, test environments and requirements on the iteration details page
[KLAROS-3526] - Switching projects via the project panel and then assigning test cases to a requirement can result in an exception
[KLAROS-3527] - Securing the anonymous access of projects doesn't work
[KLAROS-3529] - The execute icon of test cases in state skipped/locked is not reflecting that condition properly
[KLAROS-3533] - Wrong selection for updating project role members
[KLAROS-3536] - Permanent links to detail pages should be allowed in the Community Edition
[KLAROS-3540] - Test suites containing only automated test cases which are in the state of skip or ignore should still be executable
[KLAROS-3542] - Unable to change a category group when unsaved category group changes are present
[KLAROS-3545] - Error importing backups creating new test case step shadows
[KLAROS-3554] - Estimated time changes for jobs are shown in milliseconds in the history tab
[KLAROS-3555] - Already existing user defined enumeration properties are not properly detected during inter project object transfer

Release Notes for previous versions of Klaros-Testmanagement can be found here: