attachment is not visible

Torsten Biegler, modified 6 Years ago.

attachment is not visible

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Dear all,

we started to used Klaros-Testtool for our testdocumentation. Here we did the testdokumentation with screen-shots in word. This attachment   was then uploaded on the last test step. The upload was successfully completet. Now I can't find the attachment on the last teststep anymore.

Maybe you an help me out here?


Torsten Stolpmann, modified 6 Years ago.

RE: attachment is not visible (Answer)

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Hi Torsten,

this is a know regression (KLAROS-3460) which we will fix for the next version.

In the interim you may either choose to add the attachment during the last step using the edit icon or add it to the finished result on the test result details page.

Hope this helps.